Letter to the Editor: Calling Griffin Yearbook Editors!

Submitted on 11 February 2020

Letters do not necessarily reflect the views of the Quest or the Editorial Board.

The Griffin Yearbook was a long-standing Reed tradition but does not seem to have been in existence since 2013. It has historically been a pretty chill document with seniors submitting their own pictures and/or with a photographer-editor going around snapping photos for students. Photos are arranged around four to a page with each senior also submitting a short, personal blurb. I (Billy Fish) would be glad to help get this done for the Class of 2020 but will personally not have the availability to be a primary editor. My vision for the 2020 Griffin would be to have two editors with at least one having photography skills and one having Adobe InDesign skills. Having been the SBHB editor, I can help you figure out the printing and funding logistics. Unfortunately, the Griffin will have a pretty aggressive schedule to be completed by the end of this semester – but I am confident it can be done. 

Here is how I imagine the timeline will go:   

Already done: Contact admin about funding; visit archives to see what has been done before

ASAP: Editors found and meet to discuss plan for Griffin

March 10 (at the latest): Send out request for senior photos and blurbs 

April 10: Finish collecting photos and blurbs; begin work on layout 

May 1: Final copy given to Reed print shop 

May 16: Griffin handed out at commencement rehearsal

If you have photography skills or InDesign skills and want to help do something nice for the seniors please contact Billy Fish at wfish@reed.edu as soon as possible!

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