Letter to the Editor: Calling Student Handbook Editors!

Submitted on 11 February 2020

Letters do not necessarily reflect the views of the Quest or the Editorial Board.

The Student Body Handbook (SBHB) is a 112-page unofficial guide to Reed written with zero oversight from administration and distributed free of charge to incoming freshmen. Serving as a vehicle for institutional memory and a source of collective identity, the handbook touches on things such as Reed history, life at Reed, major advice, and things to do in/around Portland. In order to make the 2020 SBHB an even greater success than last year, we are starting work this semester. Thus, right now we are looking for: 

1) Content Editors: We are looking for a total of 4 editors from a diversity of backgrounds to make sure that all types of Reed experiences are represented and documented. Content editors will be responsible for determining what content should be included in the 2020 SBHB, corralling article contributors, and editing article submissions. They will also work with layout editors to make aesthetic choices and help craft the SBHB into a cohesive story.

2) Layout Editors: We hope to have 1-2 editors who are proficient in and have access to Adobe InDesign to put the SBHB together. This is perhaps the most important job with the SBHB. 

3) Article Contributors: Students and alumni will be able to write articles for the SBHB on things such as majors, drugs, etc. A more detailed ad for contributors will come out later in the semester. 

Here are some of the unique challenges we anticipate for the 2020 SBHB: 

1) Writing a Nü History of Reed spanning from 2014-2020. This will be a very big project and will require the collaboration of a number of interested students. 

2) A nearly complete overhaul of the majors section; much of the content is old and was unfortunately not updated for 2019. 

3) Potentially create a new list of student clubs/organizations.

If you can help in any way, it would be greatly appreciated! Please contact Billy Fish at wfish@reed.edu by February 28, 2020 if you would be interested in helping out as an editor. Also feel free to email suggestions for the 2020 SBHB if you are unable to serve as an editor.

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