Do I need journalism experience to write for the Quest?

No! We welcome writers of all backgrounds and interests. If you were part of your high school newspaper or if you’ve never even read the news, we want you to join the Quest. You will be partnered with an editor who can help you improve your writing.

Can I write articles about whatever I want for the Quest?

Yes! Unlike student publications at many other schools, the Quest does not expect their writers to “put in their time” writing the articles we want you to write. We will always provide ideas for articles that would be interesting to cover, but you are also welcome to pitch your own articles.

Can I put my experience writing for the Quest on a resume?

Yes! If you have ever written an article for the Quest, you are a Staff Writer, and this experience is a valuable component of a resume when you are applying for a journalism position or any position.

What are the Quest policies for writing and editing articles?

For an outline of our policies on both expectations for writers and rules for editors, see our editorial policies here.

What has the Quest done to prioritize diversity?

The Quest Editorial Board has been historically predominantly white and homogeneous, and the Board has taken several steps in an ongoing process to address this fact. The Board has increased outreach to first year students, partnered with the DoJo on a recommendation program for new writers, and participated in a diversity training. Previously, the Board worked with Senate to reform the election process to make the Quest more accessible as an institution.

Where is the student publications office?

Our office is located in the basement of the Gray Campus Center, down the hall from the bookstore and next door to The Mill, Reed’s comics library. Stop by on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday nights to learn more about what we do!