Community Safety Tips For Renn Fayre

Be safe by knowing who your friends are . . .

  • Water and food are your friends: eat and drink them often
  • Shoes are your friends: sharp things conspire to hurt your bare feet
  • Locks are your friends: use them for bikes, rooms, and random [stuff] you don’t want to lose
  • Your mailbox is your friend: you can keep small important items in there, like your I.D, keys, phone, money, etc. when your RF costume has no pockets or you just don’t want to carry things around
  • Closed dorms and rooms are your friends: they keep random people out
  • Medical Amnesty is your friend: Call if you or a friend are in trouble. We work WITH White Bird and Bagel Patrol

More friends: Extra CSOs and our Renn Fayre Partners

  • CSOs are your friends—and most of us are working extra hours and days during Renn Fayre. Call us if you need us: 503-788-6666.
  • Bagel patrollers are your friends: they will bring you and your other friends water and food and they give you non-emergency help if you’re feeling out of sorts, or help you over to White Bird
  • Night Owls are your friends: they will be present during key times to check on you
  • Wrist bands are your friends: help keep RF safe and fun by wearing your wrist bands and showing them to us when asked
  • White Bird folks are your friends: they will tend to minor wounds, over intoxication, and most other medical and mental health concerns. They are a confidential resource. Look for the white tent at the Student Center

AOD (Alcohol & Other Drugs)

  • The AOD policy is your friend . . . OK, maybe it’s more like your parents. Regardless, the AOD policy goes to Renn Fayre too. CSOs will engage AOD concerns just like every other day of the year. If we see a concern, we will come chat, do what we need to do, and hopefully get everyone back to having fun. Please work with us
  • CSOs on patrol are your friends: they watch for people who haven’t been invited, pick up your lost stuff, check on you when you look out of sorts, call White Bird when you need that sort of help, and generally watch out for our community. They will also be regular visitors to lodges and other busy places to make sure everyone is OK. CSOs called to help someone will always be focused on your safety and well-being ahead of any concerns about AODs

Sexual Assault

  • Consent is your friend: know what it means to have this special friend
  • Drugs and consent are not friends. Have a plan for getting and giving consent that accounts for possible intoxication
  • Awkward interventions are your friends when they keep someone safe: practice muchness* when it matters
  • Trained people who care about you are your friends: call someone if you need help.
    • Community Safety: 503/788-6666

[*take care of your friends, and stay safe]

A happy Renn Fayre from your friendly neighborhood Night Owls & Advocates!

Renn Fayre is meant to be a joyous time for all Reedies (especially seniors who have put their hearts into their theses), one where students can unwind, relax, and have fun celebrating the end of yet another academic year. I myself have very fond memories of last years Renn Fayre: playing softball, spending quality time with my friends, enjoying a bagel from the fabulous bagel patrol volunteers (a thank you for all the wonderful work y’all do!)

And while most students leave Renn Fayre with happy memories of their own, some leave wishing they had never gone, because they had been sexually assaulted, drugged, had too much alcohol to drink, or had their boundaries/limits violated in some other way.

Renn Fayre should be a time for celebration, but it is important that as a college, we acknowledge that Renn Faye is not a joyous occasion for everyone. Bad things do happen there, and they are more common than you think.

That is why us Night Owls and Advocates are putting out a call to join us in keeping this year’s Renn Fayre a safe, consensual, and joyous occasion.

Confidential Advocates are on call for support all weekend ( Night Owls will be on flight Friday and Saturday nights, and can offer snacks, condoms, and a walk back to your dorm (stop us and say hello, or text 844-458-3067!). We can also help intervene if needed in an emergency situations–we’ll call CSOs so you don’t have to. Safer sex supplies are also available in Blue Lodge, which you’ll find in ODB Capehart next to SHARE Lounge (in Winch). Come chill out and take a breather in these sub-free spaces. And on Friday night, we’re hosting SHARE Bar, a sub-free party with custom mocktails in GCC CD.

SHARE will also be hosting a Condom Toss on Sunday near the final softball games– look for the giant dancing condom, and stop by for a chance to win some super fun prizes!

Thank you for trusting us to care for you. We have your backs as a community, and encourage everyone to do the same by having a plan, checking up on our friends, remaining vigilant for any potentially harmful situations, and holding ourselves accountable for our actions.

With your help, we can make this a safe, consensual, and joyous Renn Fayre for all.

With love.
Night Owls & Advocates

Take care,

Softball Schedule

Brownie Points

If you use an object that isn’t a bat as your bat, you get one (1) extra point per playable hit (in the event that the comp sci team uses a monitor to hit the ball, if two different players hit the ball with the monitor, they get two extra points.)

If your team coordinates a fit, you get one (1) extra point.

If your team creates a chant and shouts it out at the beginning and the end of the game, you get one (1) extra point.

If you have more than four (4) players who did not sleep for more than two hours the night before, evidence provided (pictures are always appreciated), you get one (1) extra point.

If you film a team tik tok and email it to one of the softball czars, you get two (2) extra points.

If your team has four (4) or more seniors on the team, then you get one (1) extra point and thesis karma.

If your team has two (2) or more staffulty (staff or faculty) members on the team, then you get one (1) extra point.

If your team comes up to the czar table and tells us who won softball last year, you get one (1) extra point.

– Courtesy of the softball czarsTM