Dog of the Week

Ready to Boop the Snoot

Foreign Exchange Student

Name: Luigi

From: Italy 

Breed: Burgamasco Shepherd 

Rating: 14/10

Luigi was born in Italy and brought over here because he’s a really rare breed! His sister lives in Virginia and he gets to see her sometimes. His owner, Associate Professor of Political Science and Environmental Studies Chris Koski, decided to get a Burgamasco Shepherd after meeting another one at Reed. Luigi doesn’t like phones because he doesn’t like people ignoring him so it’s pretty hard to get a picture! He’s still mostly a puppy so he hangs out with Chris in his office a lot. Try to spot him on the first floor in Vollum! He loves pets and he loves people! I tried to adopt him ‘cause he was so cute but Chris said no. Would give lots of belly rubs for free.

Photo by Liz Organ

Photo by Liz Organ