Senate Beat Almost Has a Website

For the first time this semester, Senate Public began without a quorum on Monday, November 13. Student Body President Safi Zenger announced that the Senate website is close to completion. She continues to meet with the webmaster to provide feedback, and the website is on track to launch by the end of the semester. 

Finance Committee (FINCOM) allocations were announced by Head Treasurer Nina Gopaldas. KRRC requested $331.30 from Treasury. While clubs that made top 40 in the funding poll normally are not eligible for additional funding, the funds requested by KRRC were to replace broken equipment essential to the functioning of the station, so the allocation was approved in full. Senators voted unanimously to approve the allocation after Senator Caroline Spiggle arrived and provided a quorum. Gopaldas also revealed that Treasury has talked with the Renn Fayre Czars about initial budget proposals for Spring/Fall.

Senator Xixi Dukes is working with both Conference and Events Planning and Rachel Willis of Sustainability to find ways to minimize trash and waste during large campus events. Senator Lily Garvey has been involved in going over the AI data that the Student Committee for Academic Policy and Planning (SCAPP) collected and revealed that the college has proposed the crafting of AI policy on a department-by-department basis as opposed to issuing a one-size-fits-all school-wide policy. Senator Garvey also attended the most recent faculty meeting, during which they discussed strategies for how to improve response rates for faculty and course evaluations. Admissions also discussed SAT policy.

Senator Spiggle and Senator Meera Balan continue to meet with Commons regarding allergen improvement. Senator Balan suggested that the company mentioned in a previous Public could be brought in to evaluate Reed’s allergen policies and precautions. Senator Balan has also been talking with House Advisors (HA’s) about making dorms more allergy-friendly. Senator Spiggle revealed that the new Senate committee, CARDS, now has an official email: Spiggle also said to look out for CARDS’ Instagram launch.          

Senators Lindsay Worrell and Andee Gude, members of the Appointments Committee (APPCOM), interviewed candidates for JBoard Secretary. They could provide no further details due to the absence of APPCOM chair and Senator Jefferson Ratliff. Senator Worrell is continuing to talk with ResLife about their guaranteed housing policy for those with on-campus jobs.

Senator Gude also spoke with Admissions’ about their test blindness policy and their faculty recruitment for events. Gude is also continuing their work with the Center for Life Beyond Reed (CLBR) and is planning an upcoming event with them. Information on CARDS will be released in both the Quest and SB Info. Assistant Treasurer Lucy Knight-King announced that she is joining the Groups with Spaces liaisonship and the Physical Plant committee.

Finally, President Zenger provided election information, clarifying that there are four senate seats open, one presidential seat, one vice presidential seat, and two Quest seats. Petitions are due November 19. The elections assembly will happen soon after that, and voting closes on December 6 if quorum has been reached. President Zenger also clarified that all retiring senators will continue to work until the end of the semester. The last day for all elected positions is January 13, 2024.