Second Swastika Found On Campus

A copy of the following CSO report was provided to the Quest by Director of Community Safety. Gary Granger on Wednesday afternoon. More coverage to follow.

This report was prepared by John Mathot, Community Safety Officer.

On 2023-11-12 at around 1700 hours, I was notified by dispatch that a student, [Redacted] (Reed ID# [Redacted] they/them) had discovered hateful graffiti in the ‘women’ designated restroom on the first floor of Vollum. I went to Vollum and met [Redacted], who told me that they had been posting flyers around Vollum when they saw the graffiti. The graffiti object consisted of a swastika drawn with blue permanent marker on the inside of a restroom stall door. After taking a photograph, I removed it by wiping the surface with hand sanitizer and a paper towel. I checked the other restrooms in Vollum for any other hateful graffiti symbols or messages directed to any group or individual, and found nothing else to report.

End of report

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Second graffiti of a swastika found at Reed as Israel-Hamas protest and backlash roil campus – Underground Art Report
20 days ago

[…] According to the college’s newspaper, Quest, this is the second incident of antisemitic graffiti found on campus in recent weeks. In late October, Quest reported that antisemitic graffiti was discovered in a library bathroom, which contained “both a Nazi swastika and the numbers 1488, a combination of two popular white supremacist numeric symbols.” […]