Met Gala: Metamorphosis

This past Saturday, November 11, Gray Fund and the Student Engagement Program Board (SEPB) teamed up to put on a ball like no other, called the Met Gala, with Met standing for Metamorphosis, of course. Unlike a usual ball, this one ran early from 9pm to 1am, and saw a large amount of decorations and food. In terms of decor, partygoers entered the SU going by a large light-up inflatable mushroom and passing under a floral arch, while inside tables with trees of butterflies, artwork, and more floral pieces dotted the space, along with magical light-up color-changing orbs providing a gentle ambiance. The food was also incredibly on theme: miniature cupcakes with pink and blue pastel frosting, macarons, and impressively decorated cookies with caterpillars and butterflies – there was even one with the Alice and Wonderland classic line “Eat Me” scrawled atop. There were also vegan and gluten-free options available, as well as a selection of drinks.

This event was also unique in the amount of collaboration involved, as it wasn’t just Gray Fund and the SEPB involved. The Swap Shop had a curated clothing rack at the gala’s entrance, so anyone who came without a full Metamorphosis look could find a new piece, and the Reed Community Pantry was involved, with a donation bin at a table in the front for non-perishables. The first part of the night, the music played was courtesy of DJ Sets “with Fieldys and DJ Scooter” according to the Reed College OSE (Office of Student Engagement) Instagram account, while a little after 11pm there was a live band performance by Fruit, ft. Lemon M, Leo G, Zev G, Liraz B, Sal W, and Gabi B. The event was well attended, and with the calming live music, tables to one side, and food, it felt very different from a standard Reed ball. A positive experience, the gala also had a photo booth, where students could get together with fun movie production-themed props and pose with their friends, before taking home a Metamorphosis-themed photo strip to remember the night.

With its name reminding many of the famous springtime MET Gala, some were confused about the theme, however, style inspiration was posted to Instagram in preparation for the event, and the Reed College OSE account, @reedcollegeose, described the theme as “Kafka-esque, insect, whimsical, psychedelic,” a perfect Reed concoction. Overall the Met Gala: Metamorphosis was a great experience and example of a successful collaboration, especially between so many different groups on Reed’s campus, and hopefully an inspiration for future new takes on the standard Saturday night ball.