Letter to the Editor: Mud Bentley

I have been appalled by the way The Quest has covered (and not covered) recent events. The latest piece on protests on campus was needling and accusatory of social justice groups. The lack of a piece on the current genocide against the Palestinian people reveals that the Quest leadership is either blind to the publication’s particular power as a small and largely independent news source with a very large audience, or that Quest leadership is supportive of the genocide and US media’s general lack of coverage. 

The Quest has a huge opportunity to disseminate information that is being brushed away by larger media with capitalist interests. The Quest has a duty to inform, especially where other publications fail to do so. 

It has come to my attention that The Quest has continued to print The Quest’s Quests, a column I began nearly three years ago. Please stop printing this column. I feel embarrassed to have my creative work appropriated (poorly) by the Quest in it’s [sic] current form.

Mud Bentley

Environmental Studies – Economics ’25

Author of more than 30 entertainment columns and over 10 news articles for the Quest.

Free press and free Palestine.