Letter to the Editor: Dylan Holmes ’17


As an alum, I am incredibly disappointed in the Quest’s insanely biased coverage of last week’s Palestine protest. It felt like I was reading a NY Post article. With all your disingenuous and borderline libelous paragraphs looking to draw a parallel between the student protestors and the Nazis who committed Kristallnacht, it’s almost like you forgot these students are protesting an ongoing genocide of an entire people. How disappointing — the Quest had improved so much and become a real respectable student publication. Please read some of the comments you’re getting about how your article completely failed to offer objective facts and necessary context.

If you’re looking to write an article about violent eliminationism on campus, consider writing a story about the vile Tweets Professor Marat Grinberg is liking and reposting on his public Twitter account. For example, the post he Retweeted that states, “Since Palestinians are either children, or Hamas thugs, or useless corrupt Mahmud Silicon-Face Abbas, non-Palestinian Arabs should step up to save the Palestinians from themselves.” One of his liked Tweets is a graphic reading “From the river to the sea, Israel is what you’ll see.” Perhaps you could have checked into that before quoting him at length.

Please do better.

-Dylan Holmes ’17