Reedies Welcome New Foodtruck to Carte Diem Pod

Carte Diem Pod, the collection of food trucks that Reed students flock to whenever they need a convenient break from Bon Appétit, has added another delicious option to their ranks with Platter Division Indian Grill.

This is Platter Division’s third location, with the other two being located in West Linn and Sellwood. The opening of this new location has a sole motivation: Reedies. When Mickey, Platter Division’s owner, was asked why he decided to open up a new cart at Carte Diem, he answered, “Basically Reed College, that’s the main attraction” speaking of the appeal that his other locations have already displayed to college students in Portland. He added,  “If I saw any of them (Reed students who go to the other locations) I’d probably be able to recognize them.”

Mickey also plans to renovate the pod itself, admitting, “This place needs a little bit of a spruce up.” His aim with these changes is to create a space capable of hosting more meetings and larger groups, saying “We will make it a nicer place, a place for small group meetings where you can have a cup of tea or a burrito.”

Mickey also made sure to give his personal recommendation for what to get if you chose to take the short walk across 28th Avenue, his go-to is the mixed kebab plate.

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