Reed Independent Performance Project is Here to Help You!

By Quinn Hoop

The Reed Independent Performance Project (RIPP) is a student-led organization which exists to help Reedies perform their work and spread their ideas into the community. The Quest recently interviewed Evelyn Lewis, the Publicity Coordinator for the Board of RIPP to learn moreabout the program. 

Lewis mainly stated that the Reed Independent Performance Project is “a resource for the students,” to help them get their creative works out into the public. She explained how students could submit an application to a Google form (found on their Instagram bio: r.1.p.p), which would then be reviewed by the Board of RIPP. The Board would then decide what resources the submission would get, and assign the student an advocate from RIPP to help them through the process. 

Depending on the scale of the proposal submitted, a student may receive support from the theater department in the form of assistance with lighting, sound design, directing, crewing, finding performers or directors (if it’s just a script submitted), rehearsal, and more. Unfortunately this year RIPPare unable to provide monetary funding, but Lewis noted that in years past that had happened, and may again in the future. 

The criteria for what the RIPP would produce is wide-ranging. The only requirement is that it has to be written by a Reed student. Lewis said, “We really like stuff that’s been written by students. . . because it’s coming from the community,” additionally noting that, “If you’ve written a play this is for you.” Although typically the RIPP produces student-written plays, they have also run music performances, comedy shows, slam poetry, and other more non-traditional performances. They’ve also hosted open mic nights in the past. “It really is whatever you want to do,” she said. 

This year, only two events have been planned so far. A Halloween-themed play festival “Tales from Beyond the RIPP”, and one in December. The deadline to submit works for the October 27 – 29 event has passed, but the December event application is open until 11/1. Lewis stated that these are the only events that are planned so far this year, but there is a possibility of more happening later on.  

Additionally, the Reed Independent Performance Project, for the first time this semester, is a class instead of a club, put on by the Theater Department. Lewis commented, “if you’re interested in putting on your own productions. . . it’s a great class for you,” and added that you should sign up next year. Regardless of whether you wish to join the board or simply get your creative works out into the Reed community, the Reed Independent Performance Project is exactly the resource for you.

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