Dog of the Week Is A Little Wiggly

By Liz Organ

Name: Boogie | Breed: 50% Chihuahua, 10% Schnauzer, 10% Poodle, 30% Supermutt | Age: 8 months | Rating: 14/10.

Boogie got his name because when he was first picked up from the shelter he wouldn’t stop dancing! He zoomed everywhere, occasionally stopping for a treat, before zooming off again! When he got to the shelter he was a little bit sick but he’s gotten so much better since then and now he’s nice and soft! He also has a great sense of style and has a sweater, a few jackets, and possibly, a secret Halloween costume!

Photo by Liz Organ
Got to keep on dancing!

If you want to know what it is you’ll have to try and find him on the day! One of Boogie’s favorite things to do outside is rip up leaves. He never eats the leaves or sticks when he gets them but he loves to rip them up and show the squirrels he is super scary! Boogie also loves getting pets from people. If he sees you walking around him he will stare at you until you come towards him and then he’ll start to boogie! He gets so excited whenever people come to pet him that he starts to wiggle! If you don’t come near him though he may start to bark at you, not in a mean way, he thinks if you’re not coming to pet him it’s probably because you haven’t noticed him yet.

14/10, I would always stop to pet him.

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