A Heavenly Departure for Anastasia the NMR

By Lindsey Babcock

The chemists weep, for our beloved Anastasia has moved to a farm upstate.

She was the greatest NMR we could have asked for, delivering spectra that no one else could have.

While I never had a personal relationship with her, she impacted our school in a way that affected not just her inner circle but left a lasting impact on every person that has set foot in the Chemistry Building. Her character and spirit will live on in the cool, sterile hallways.

Her replacement might’ve cost, like, $500,000 but will never replace Anastasia in our hearts.

We will now be without an NMR for many months, but we will persevere through this period of collective grief. The banana oil smell will soothe our souls and we will find a way to return to a new kind of normal.

A memorial service celebration of life will be held for Anastasia by our chapter of the American Chemical Society, a date will be decided on soon.

Reach out to dshingwekar@reed.edu if you would like to contribute any memories or pictures to the memorial slideshow.

Take your time in processing her death, and reach out to any chemistry student if you need someone to talk to.

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