Reed Van Gas Tank Tapping Continues

By Asta Rossi

Over the past few years, some of the college’s fleet of sixteen vans have had their gas tanks tapped. Director of Facilities Operations Steve Yeadon revealed that during the last academic year, three vans were drilled into and needed their gas tanks replaced. During this new semester, two van gas tanks have been drilled and one tank had a damaged fill spout. Of these three affected vehicles, one is repaired and fully operational while the other two remain out of commission until the necessary parts arrive. 

In an email interview, Yeadon writes that this is somewhat of a frequent occurrence: “There have also been other vehicle issues in parking lots over the past few years as crime increases in the metro area. The college is committed to working towards improving these conditions but it is a difficult situation.” Yeadon adds, “One active approach we are making is to install security gates for the three main parking lots on campus. The first set will be operable in the north lot soon. This, of course, won’t solve all of the theft issues but we hope it provides a deterrent.” 

These vans are available to reserve on the facilities website and are open for the transportation of students, staff, and faculty members for official school functions. Priority is given to academic and student-related transportation. Students may also apply to become a driver of the vans.

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