Dog of the Week Is So Small

By Liz Organ

Name: Mimi | Breed: Yorkie | Age: 10 Years | Rating: 14/10.

Our oldest dog this year so far, Mimi is still very spry at 10 years old! Although sometimes she gets cold, usually this isn’t an issue as she looks very cute in sweaters. She probably isn’t very used to the Pacific Northwest weather, since she came from Florida! One of her favorite things to do is just sit in a lap and get pets and since she is so small she fits very nicely! When she’s not getting pets she loves to explore and she moves very quickly for an elderly pup!

Photo by Dani Arroyo-Perez
So small, So pretty!

She likes to walk with her head towards the ground, so sometimes she looks kind of sad, but really it’s just easier to sniff that way. Mimi doesn’t really bark and she rarely makes any sounds except when she wants attention or food, usually food, she makes a tiny bark that sounds kind of like a fire alarm when it runs out of battery. Her owner is an economics major and says Mimi would also be an economics major, but I think she wouldn’t go to school. If Mimi was a person I think she would be an older dramatic actress who calls everyone “dahling.”

14/10 — Would sit with her in my lap for hours.

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