Stuff Swap Switches to Open Access

In the September 10th issue of SB Info, it was announced that the Stuff Swap had switched to an open access model, meaning that it will now be open without a staff member. During its new hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday, students will be able to gain access with their Reed ID. Under the ‘Sustainability at Reed’ banner on Reed’s website, the Stuff Swap is described as a place to “refresh your wardrobe, find school supplies and other usable items donated by Reedies at the end of the year. Everything in the shop is free and open to all Reed community members.” 

According to Reed’s website, the concept of the space comes from a collaboration between the “Office of Student Engagement, Sustainability, the Office of Institutional Diversity, Facilities Services, and Residence Life.” Students have been at the heart of the project, with a student worker highlighted as the driving force behind organizing the Stuff Swap over the summer. While the Reed website has a nice description of the space, as of this writing the hours on it are from Spring 2023 and do not reflect the current open access model.

The Stuff Swap is located in the basement of the GCC, at the very Easternmost end of the main long hallway. It is a bit tricky to find, despite some signage. Once at the end of the hall, you will need to turn right down another hall, and then immediately left, and the Swap will be on the left. This sounds confusing, but at the end of that main hall, the Stuff Swap is the only clear student space I could see past the Community Pantry. Inside, the Stuff Swap is a well-organized little store, with the advantage of no cashier. There are racks of clothing and shelves of other wares, all clearly labeled with sizes and types. Around the door, there are barrels for donations, as well as a small bin of bags that people can take for their new acquisitions. On the wall, there is a scale and clipboard so people can weigh what they take, in order for the Stuff Swap team to calculate how much they have saved from landfills.

While much of the space was taken up by jeans and t-shirts, there were also plenty of other interesting things dotting the racks and shelves, including a Safeway polo and an Anne Taylor jacket fit for Jackie Kennedy. On the shelves were holiday decor, CDs, DVDs, folders, and a saline enema (user discretion advised). If any of that sounds interesting, head down into the bowels of the GCC on any weekday to see the new and improved Swap Shop.

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