Dog of the Week Is Looking a Little Scaly

By Liz Organ

Name: Roadkill Hypothalamus | Breed: Schnauzer Mix | Age: About 2.5 Years | Rating: 14/10.

This Dog of the Week is one of the smallest pets we’ve had! Roadkill Hypothalamus (RK for short) loves eating dirt and bugs and sometimes he chases his owner’s computer mouse because he thinks it’s a bug. He doesn’t know any tricks but he also rarely barks and is very docile. That doesn’t mean he’s well-behaved though! One of his favorite things to do is to hide and convince pet sitters that he has escaped!

Photo by Liz Organ
Staring into your soul

He likes to climb on people when given the chance, although sometimes he likes to jump off them too, which can be very dangerous since he’s so little! 14/10, and at least five of those points given for the name alone, which is very fun.

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