Dog of the Week Has No Brain, Just Floof

By Liz Organ

Name: Blu | Breed: Golden Retriever | Age: 3 Years | Rating: 14/10.

Like most Golden Retrievers, Blu is full of floof! His tail is floof, his paws are floof, his ears are floof and where his brain should be, only floof. That’s not to say that Blu isn’t smart, though. He knows a lot of tricks like sit and shake, although he will only do them if there is a treat involved. But wait, then how is his head full of floof? Well, unfortunately we forgot to bring the treats this time and instead had to improvise.

Photo by Liz Organ
Sun’s Out, Tongue’s Out

Luckily, a singular blade of grass worked to the point that he was jumping up to get it! Nevermind that he is sitting in a field of grass! Blu really loves grass so it’s not too surprising. He spent much of the interview rolling around in the grass and sometimes pulling up chunks of it. 

Note: some dogs will eat grass when their stomachs hurt since it makes them throw up, but Blu wasn’t too interested in eating the grass, just playing with it. Other than grass, his other interests include treats, getting brushed every day, food, playing with his people, and mealtimes. 14/10 — I just want to bury my face in that floof. Also, if you want more of Blu, you can find him on Instagram (@blu.the.golden.retriever) where you can see pictures of him as a little puppy!

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