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By L Urena

Did you step foot on campus this year knowing you had to drop everything and learn a new skill? Have you realized your interest in Magic the Gathering would be better shared with other people? Look no further than the awesome array of clubs and organizations that Reed has to offer. Whether you’re a freshman or a returning student who just wants to try something new, there’s a club for you. 

The Student Engagement Fair took place last Friday, September 1st, where clubs gathered to pitch themselves to the student body.  Written below are a few, but not all, of the descriptions of some of the clubs you might be interested in. For more information, feel free to visit reed.edu/student-engagement/student-clubs/

Terrarium Club

Closed terrariums are a fun and low-maintenance way to bring nature into your dorm! We will provide the tools and materials that students need to make their own closed terrariums! We will host terrarium-building events and possibly field trips to Roosevelt’s Terrariums. At weekly meetings, tools and basic materials for terrarium maintenance will be available. 

Special announcement for freshmen: WE ARE LOOKING FOR CLUB OFFICERS! We are looking for freshmen and sophomores interested in taking a small or large role in the club, including signators, a treasurer, social media manager, field trip coordinator, and more!

Email ellacrotty@reed.edu or DM us on Instagram to be added to our Discord and/or email list!

Instagram: @reed_terrarium club


Greenboard is an environmental sustainability club that strives to promote access to a healthy earth for everyone, today and in the future. Students are encouraged to tackle their own sustainability projects and use the club as a resource to support them in accomplishing their goals.

Join the Greenboard Digest


Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) is focused on building a Vietnamese community at Reed through gathering together to share Vietnamese food, share stories, and create a space for international and first-generation students to speak. By connecting students through cultural events surrounding food, films, and art, we aim to express our cultural identity at Reed, make friends, and find success together!


Is your taste in music too arcane to be played around your friends? Do your friends say you have a personality made to be heard on a college radio station? Do you have thoughts on The Chemical Brothers’ gender triad of boys, girls, and superstar DJs? If you answered yes to more or one of these questions, you might just be an excellent fit at KRRC, the Kommunity Radio of Reed College! An entirely student-run radio station with as little restriction on programming as possible, KRRC has faithfully served Reed’s radio needs for 69 years (hehe funny number). If you’re interested in becoming a DJ, come attend our training sessions in early September! More information on training dates and station access will be available soon, but if you have any other questions about the quietly broadcast voice of Reed College, feel free to email us at krrc@gmail.com 🙂

K-pop Dance Club

Welcome to K-pop Dance Club! We learn K-pop dances, work on original choreographies, host dance workshops, and do performances! Besides K-pop covers, we will also provide stretching/conditioning classes for dancers of all skill levels. If you are a K-pop stan or want to try out dance classes in a welcoming environment, join us! We will also host boba events, KBBQ outings, and K-pop collaborations with Portland State University’s club!


The Association of Reed Gamers (ARG) is a club dedicated to bringing the joy of playing games to everyone on campus. We regularly hold events like Magic The Gathering drafts and Smash Bros. nights, we maintain an extensive library of board games and TTRPG supplies which are all free to rent out, and we host private servers for games like Minecraft and Factorio. If you’re interested, join our Discord server to learn more! (https://discord.gg/MmBmmsyD)


Weapons of Mass Distraction (WMD) is Reed’s one and only fire-spinning and flow arts troupe! We put on several fire performances throughout the school year and hold practices every Thursday in the Quad. No experience necessary! Just come pick up a prop and we’ll teach you the rest.


Latinx Student Union (LSU) provides a network of support and services for Latinx-identifying Reedies while building community. We focus on creating events celebrating Latinx visibility on campus. Join us for our bi-weekly meetings: Comida y Chisme! Sign up for LSU’s mailing list below to keep up with upcoming events and activities. You can find us as @LSU_Reed on Instagram.


Jewish Student Union (JSU)

Shalomy homies! The Jewish Student Union (JSU) is a student-run club that aims to create a safe, inclusive and celebratory space for Jewish students at Reed College. Our club empowers all identities and backgrounds within Judaism (from Jewish to Jew-ish). Overall, we want to provide a non-intimidating, accessible, and supportive environment for Jewish students to thrive in. We hope to host many fun events this year, including a Rosh Hashanah welcome dinner, Yom Kippur breakfast, Sukkot picnic, Shabbats, and many bagels!! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our current club leadership at jeweiss@reed.edu.

Students With Disabilities Coalition (SWDC)

The Students With Disabilities Coalition (SWDC) is a community of neurodiverse, chronically ill, and disabled students who form a safe space at Reed and use disability justice principles to advocate for our needs on campus. SWDC is a great way to meet people and receive community support from other students who know what it’s like to navigate Reed with a disability. We have weekly informal meetings and other fun events like game night throughout the year! No documentation or proof of disability is needed. For more information, please reach out to ReedSWDC@gmail.com.

Mock Trial

Mock Trial is perfect for students interested in or wanting to learn more about law, acting, public speaking, and more! The student-run club is also a great place to meet people while boosting your résumé and developing important skills. Students perform as attorneys and/or witnesses in a simulated trial, with this year’s fictional case being a high-profile art heist. Reed Mock Trial participates in intercollegiate tournaments and advanced to the Opening Round Championship Series last year. Let’s go to Nationals this year! An introductory meeting will take place September 3rd at 2:30pm in Vollum Lecture Hall. Please contact reedmocktrial@gmail.com for more information.

Mountaineering Club

As one of Reeds’ oldest clubs, the Mountaineering Club loves getting Reedies elevated – whether that means hiking, rock or ice climbing, alpinism, or bouldering! In the past, we’ve dedicated club funds to get Reedies access to climbing gear and clinics to learn how to move safely in the mountains. This fall semester, we’re planning rock climbing adventures and possibly bouldering gym hangouts. If you’re interested in coming along, email guscompton@reed.edu and ask to be put on the email list! 

American Nuclear Society (ANS)

At Reed College, the Student Section of ANS is open to all students, regardless of major or experience in nuclear. Our mission is to create a community of students interested in nuclear science. This includes all forms of nuclear, from ethics and politics to fission and fusion. We meet bi-monthly and have the opportunity to attend ANS Conferences each year with a few students, which allows us to meet with other student sections and create partnerships with people in industry and research. 

Reed Research Reactor Training Program

The Reed Research Reactor Training Program – Commonly thought of as an extracurricular or club, we are better described as a class and workplace. If you’re interested in joining a class to learn about nuclear, or if you think working at the reactor would be cool, please check out our article expanding on the program. If you’d like a nuclear club, however, check out the American Nuclear Society (ANS) chapter!

The Reed College Quest

The award-winning newspaper of Reed College, the Quest has been the voice of Reed students, faculty, and staff for more than 100 years. Published every Friday morning, Quest coverage brings the latest news to the Reed community online, in our app, and in print. As a member of the Associated Collegiate Press, the Quest also participates in conferences and intercollegiate writing awards at the national level. By maintaining a free press accountable to the student body, we seek to both serve the Reed community with informative reporting and provide a platform for the voices of students, faculty, and staff. Join us on Monday nights at 7:00 PM in the student publications office (GCC 047) to participate in a newsroom meeting and find out what we’re all about.

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