Princeton Review Ranks Reed College #2 for “Reefer Madness”

Reed College is known for its unofficial motto, “Atheism, Communism, and Free Love.” Many assume that, under those three values, cannabis use is ubiquitous on our campus, especially since it’s quite popular in Portland. But somehow, Reed College had the title of the #1 for pot consumption stolen right from under our noses by none other than Lewis and Clark College. 

According to the Princeton Review, Lewis and Clark not only holds the top spot for the most weed-smoking students, but it also holds the number 4 spot for “Most Liberal Students” and the number 21 spot for the “Best College Newspaper.” Fortunately for Reed, all hope is not lost for us. Reed College still ranked number two for having the “Most Liberal Students,” number one for LGBTQIA+ friendliness, and number one for “Best Classroom Experience.” Some other rankings from the Princeton Review state that Reed holds the number 10 spot for the “Best Dorms” and the number 23 spot for “Best Quality of Life.”

As a community, the lower rankings shouldn’t bring down morale. They should push the community to do better. We already know that Reed is better than Lewis and Clark in every way, and therefore the community should strive to make it known throughout the nation – starting with cannabis usage. This is not to say that I am advocating for increased cannabis usage on campus, simply that the rankings should be shifted so that Reed comes out on top. And maybe that entails telling Lewis and Clark to actually enforce their no smoking rule.

Even though these rankings don’t mean much to anyone but prospective students, it’s still a source of pride for Reedies and Clarkies alike. To put in work to achieve a goal, like, perhaps boosting the ranking of your college’s newspaper, is something admirable and noteworthy. So get out there and be a part of the change. It’s not something Portland students are unfamiliar with. The community has faith in you!

By Rowan Horowitz

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2 days ago

You guys were actually ranked #6 in Reefer Madness nationally…ROLL PIOS 🍃🍃🍃

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