Dog of the Week is Saying Howdy Partner!

By Liz Organ

Name: Sheriff Daisy
Breed: Chihuahua Mix
Age: 12 Weeks
Rating: 14/10

Welcome back everyone! Here to bring joy to your first couple weeks of classes is this long-eared pup! Like many Reedies, Daisy comes from California and was brought to Portland by her owner. She is very wiggly and loves to sniff. She is small enough to hold but she’s constantly trying to wiggle out of your grasp!

Photo by Liz Organ
I still can’t get over her ears!

She told me that it’s not because she doesn’t like being held, it’s more that there are just so many more interesting things to explore! Daisy is currently about six pounds, which is about the size of a clinical psychology textbook. However, unlike a clinical psych textbook, she brings lots of joy everywhere she goes! 

Her current favorite color is pink, and she loves her gorgeous pink leash, which goes well with her namesake! Daisy is partly Chihuahua, but we don’t know what other breeds she might be, any guesses can be emailed to the Quest. We’re not really sure how big she’s going to get, but we’re hoping her ears will continue to be big. 14/10, try not to fly away Daisy!

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