Horoscope: The Signs as Littlest Pet Shops

Aries: #1810

This little husky could absolutely give you a chaotically good time, however they have an incredibly kickable nature.

Taurus: #1216

Mentally not here.

Gemini: #979

Has appointed themself in charge of party planning. And will be taking no notes.

Cancer: #3027

I’m sorry, but someone had to get stuck with one of the cursed 3rd generation creatures.

Leo: #318

Part of a series where they tried making the LPS fuzzy. Original and cute but slightly pompous.

Virgo: #455

Judging you verbally instead of silently.

Libra: #2147

Has a glittery and sweet personality, but DEFINITELY annoying.

Scorpio: #1699

Assertive because they care about you. But also because you are a little incompetent, it’s not a them problem.

Sagittarius: #986

The type of person that would say “here for a good time, not a long time.”

Capricorn: #1728


Aquarius: #001

A. Looks high out of its mind B. Weird and mischievous C. Accessorizes.

Pisces: #839

Also mentally not here, but in a slightly more introspective way. Also them being a bug just checks out.

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