Name: Freyja

Breed: Irish Wolfhound

Age: 2 years

Rating: 14/10

At 113 pounds (and possibly still growing), Freyja is the biggest dog that’s been featured on Dog of the Week, and possibly the biggest dog on campus! But don’t let that fool you, though, Freyja is the definition of a gentle giant, and loves everyone around her, human and animal. Once, she met one of the canyon cats who smacked her on the nose and she just stared at him in mild confusion. She is not very loud either. The only time she barks is in the morning to wake up her human. Every morning at about 7:30 am, Freyja lays her head on her human’s bed close to her ear and lets out one single bark. Probably the only alarm clock I would be happy to wake up to! – Although 7:30 is a little too early for me. Freyja is in training to help with mobility issues and to recognize when her human is having heart issues, but that does not mean that she won’t cause trouble sometimes! So far, she has stolen a granola bar from a friend, and a stuffed animal from the Reed Bookstore! She’s big enough to steal sandwiches right off the counter, too! And if you’re not careful, she’ll steal your heart too! 14/10, love that I don’t have to lean down too much to pet her. 

Big, Blonde, and Beautiful!

Photo by Liz Organ

Note: Please make sure you always ask before petting a dog. If the dog has a vest on the answer will most likely be no. When dogs are working they need to be paying attention to their owner and if you distract them it can be dangerous. 

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