How to Give a Friend a Tonsure

Step 1

Use either a comb or a pair of children’s scissors (be safe!) to part a clean circle in the center of the back of the head and pin back remaining hair and put the hair in the circle into a ponytail.

Step 2

Divide the ponytail into multiple smaller ponytails.

Step 3

CUT! (we used fabric shears but an exacto knife could work just as well).

Step 4

Remove ponytails and trim the hair as short as possible in preparation for shaving.

Step 5

Use an eclectic razor to remove the bulk of the fuzz.

Step 6

Touch up the edges of the circle using a small eyebrow razor and your roommate’s shaving cream. Be careful as a dutiful and courteous tonsurer to not cause bodily harm to the tonsee.

Step 7

Depending on artistic choices, you can give the remaining hair a trim as well. We decided to go with the classic roman-monk style bowl cut, but other interpretations are encouraged. Tonsure diversity!

Step 8

Enjoy and, if desired, lather on some lotion for extra shine!

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