Dog of the Week: Birthday Edition

Name: Jesse

Breed: Golden Retriever

Age: Turning 6!

Rating: 14/10

This year for Jesse’s 6th Birthday, her human, Rowan, went ALL out. Cupcakes (or pupcakes if you will), lemonade, ice tea, and two small horses (one pony and one miniature horse if we want to get technical about it). And the birthday girl herself was absolutely gorgeous! Her fur was well brushed and she was on her best behavior. She got many baby carrots from her fans/friends as treats (the fact that the baby carrots were supposed to be for the horses is not important). 

Jesse is also a master of the puppy eyes. At one point, when a student got a carrot for the horses, her attention immediately went to them. While the student protested in vain that the carrot was not actually for her, she gently put one (1) paw on their leg and the student crumbled, giving her everything she wanted (the carrot). (And don’t worry, the horses got many carrots as well, even though it wasn’t their birthdays). Several people also brought Jesse birthday presents (mostly dog treats) to celebrate! Overall great birthday party and great dog! 14/10 

*See Jesse’s previous feature in the 10/04/19 edition of the Quest at

Photo by Liz Organ

Happy Birthday To You!!

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