It’s Gorbin’ Time

Residents of Trillium Three North recently welcomed a new resident to their wing — a fuzzy, floating… something… with a nucleus — “Gorb.” 

Gorb spawned – and currently resides – in an old bottle of apple juice that was left in the common room over winter break. Gorb first appeared on December 15th, at the time a small speck in the jar. “[It] started the day before winter break, we came back and he was large,” said Jo Jaffe, one of the residents of the wing.

Another resident in Trillium, Senator Meera Balan, is the person who initially brought the bottle of apple juice into the common room. When asked to comment, Balan said “Gorb is my baby. I brought Gorb to life.” 

When residents returned after break, they found that not only had Gorb grown much larger, but it had also grown a nucleus. I personally first laid my eyes upon Gorb during Paideia week, when someone kindly shined a light through the apple juice and illuminated both the fuzzy mass that was Gorb and the black center that was its nucleus. 

Since then, Gorb has become “three different things,” according to another resident. When I saw it again last week, shining a light through the bottle revealed that Gorb had spawned three separate “Gorblings” — a name favored by the residents. The Gorblings are equally as fuzzy as Gorb itself, though as far as I could tell, do not have their own nuclei. 

According to Liem Yen, another resident of the wing, the group hopes to send a Gorb sample to someone in the Biology department, or to sample Gorb themselves, in order to find out what exactly Gorb is

The world waits with bated breath for further news about Gorb. 

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