Quest’s Quests

  1. Mince a pound of mushrooms
  2. Chop a few leeks or an onion
  3. Crush two fat garlic cloves
  4. Slice them nice and thin
  5. Melt butter in a pot on the stove
  6. Throw all your alliums in
  7. Add lots of salt, a bunch of thyme
  8. Pour in a dash of white wine
  9. Simmer it low till it wafts
  10. Add your shrooms
  11. Turn it hot
  12. Cover and steam for a few
  13. Pour in a nice batch of stock
  14. Add spices (up to you)
  15. Salt to taste, plus MSG
  16. Boil and simmer patiently
  17. Taste after twenty
  18. Pour in the cream
  19. Stir ’round your soup
  20. Scoop up a plenty
  21. Garnish and smile
  22. Serve it gently
  23. Share with many
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