MC Highlights #1: Editors’ Picks

117. ZEUS: your Volkswagen has returned!

Olympus > north parking lot 

7. Remember, if you are ever running out of board points, the geese are free to consume

They probably taste better too

47. Strange yet beautiful star
With a heart of blue Kyber
Twirling your false plasma in glorious arcs
Amidst a just as glorious snowstorm
Alone, yet without a care in the world
Dueling only the wind in these icy snowy fields
I see you from my window
And I would have joined you too, had I had a false red Kyber blade of my own
Alas, I did not
So I merely watched
But know you are appreciated

See, this is the kind of note we missed. Keep the MCs weird!

you: person outside of art pop ball
me: drunkenly hit you with a snowball
i: am so sorry
it: was an accident
hope: your night was fun 🙂

I would never apologize for doing such a thing. Snow is Snow:)

You: blond with nose piercing
I: think think you’re so cute and kind
I: just want to lowkey kiss you and like be close but not dating or hook up vibes
In conclusion: kiss your friends

I’m Anie Kotha and I approve this message.

14. frog of the week: you. be the frog you wish to see in the world. sit in the canyon. hop around. spark joy. channel your inner kermit.

This is sweet. Hope everyone continues to channel their inner kermit.

33. who else is sleepypilled and craving a nap rn

This is too real. Happy midterm week guys ;(

31. yo, homies in the west parking lot need to learn how to park 😩😩😩

This is a reminder for people to schedule an appointment with their local DMV and learn how to properly park! 

123. you: live in bragdon
you: used to be a lesbian
but: dating a man now
he: is a junior and looks boring
I: am a lesbian and wish I shoot my shot sooner
you: are so pretty
and: do amazing makeup
I: love your style
adventure time: is one of my favorite shows too
I: will admire you from afar
stop: tweeting about him so much
text: me instead

When you flip the switch the wrong way.

87 – “The owl man is coming.”

What tortured soul, we must ask, was compelled to bring us this warning? A prophet, driven mad by uncontrollable visions of a dark god? A loyal follower, dutifully preparing to exalt the coming of his strigine lord? Perhaps even resurrected adherents of the long lost cult of Lord Humongous? Whatever the case may be, we prepare to welcome this “owl man” with curiosity, trepidation, and a trickling sense of dread.

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