Letter to the Editors: Wi-Fi Expansion


I saw y’all had some questions in Senate Beat about Wi-Fi expansion. I’m the student representative to the Computing Policy and Planning Committee, at present, and I can report on what I’ve learned about the Wi-Fi from recent communications regarding the project. Feel free to format this in whatever way works for further communication to the community.

The school seems happy to help with expanding Wi-Fi coverage, which will start with the main quad between ODB and the GCC. Coverage on this space will help student satisfaction, a serious metric given current retention rates. With this zone in Wi-Fi, students will have more spaces to study outdoors in the pleasant spring weather, and students who have outages in their dorms or classrooms around campus should file a complaint with IT. 

IT is really excited about working on this project, as it gives a real tangible benefit to the community. If we, as students, want to see more Wi-Fi coverage or speed increases, a good mechanism for that is emailing IT. Our communication with them is relevant and essential to getting further budget allocations to the things we need. This is not just me saying this, believe me I cross checked with them. I’m excited to sit at the picnic table or in an Adirondack when it’s sunnier and be able to study online, I feel like I’m more productive when I can enjoy nature and I think many people may agree.

Warm regards,

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