Dog of the Week is Very Fluffy

Photo by Liz Organ
Wait a second….

Names: Mooncake aka Moony
Breed: Long-ish haired
Age: 4-ish
Rating: 14/10

Like most cats dogs, Mooncake aka Moony really enjoys leashed walks around campus, although he’s not a huge fan of the rain. If you’re lucky, you may catch a glimpse of him sometimes! He spends most of his time inside, however, and loves to be mischievous. He’s a big fan of stealing things and of clawing the carpet. He loves the kitchen because it smells so nice and has found that he can get underneath the oven and hang out there. Moony usually comes when called, though, especially if there are treats involved. He loves to eat by picking it up with his paw, sometimes in the middle of the night he’ll even sit by his food dish and pick up each kibble with his paw before sniffing it and finally eating it. When Moony sits down, he will sit with his feet to the side, possibly because sitting on his tail hurts, which makes him look very silly. He also has multicolored toe beans. They come in pink, brown, and black! Honestly 14/10 for this cutie. And follow @reedcollegecat on instagram to find out more about what Moony is up to!

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