Corrections: Senate Public and Faculty Meeting

Last week’s Quest article, “Faculty Discourse Over Possible Summer Work,” incorrectly stated that Faculty Parliamentarian Peter Ksander had interpreted faculty policy to mean that the motion passed to send a proposed policy back to ASC for reconsideration “had no binding power.” However, Ksander has since stated that this does not reflect his interpretation, and that, “the quote expresses Metz’s understanding of my reading of the governing documents, not the other way around.” Metz, meanwhile, stated in an email to a Quest reporter that, “the answer to whether the outcome of the vote on the motion is binding is, perhaps, more complicated than I understood. In any case, the important thing is that the committee cares very much about what the faculty think and want. To the extent that the motion helps us discern that, we welcome it.”

Last week’s Senate Beat mistakenly misspelled the names of two members of Senate — “Zengar” instead of the correct “Zenger” and “Lindsey” instead of the correct “Lindsay” — and prior Senate Beats have misquoted Senator Luiz Felipe Horta as having made references to the “bong loft” instead of the “book loft.” (This last was, admittedly, changed at the editorial stage, and was not the fault of the writer — we really did think Senator Horta was talking about the bong loft.) The Quest apologizes for these errors, and hereby corrects them for this and future publications.

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