Dog of the Week is Very Excited to See You!

Photo by Liz Organ

Names: Marcie

Breed: Pit Mix

Age: 2-ish years

Rating: 14/10

As I entered the chapel in Eliot, I was very excited to meet Marcie. Marcie usually hangs out in the PAB, but today she was in the chapel helping her owner with orchestra practice. When I first saw her she seemed a little shy, but then when I called out “Awww who’s a good pup? Who’s a sweet little pup?” she began wagging her tail and ran over to me. But before I could pet her she ran away! She was so excited she got the zoomies! Back and forth around the chapel she ran before she was able to calm down enough for me to take some photos. She’s one of those dogs that wag with their whole body and you just can’t help but smile. Later she decided to sit on one of the benches where a sunbeam was coming through the window to bask in the warmth. Marcie is a rescue; we don’t really know where she was before she was adopted but she used to be shy and skittish so it’s nice to see this pup having fun and enjoying life! 14/10. She would be a good motivational speaker.

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