The Signs as Alcohol

Aries – Margarita

You are classic, but still super fun, which is why you’re a margarita.

Taurus – Champagne

What can you say, you like the simple–but classy–things in life.

Gemini – Beer

You kind of suck. So you have to be beer.

Cancer – Red Wine

You’re classy. You embody a nice, oaky red wine.

Leo – Fireball

You’re fierce and can sometimes be intense. Fireball is your drink.

Virgo – Hard Cider

A nice, crisp, hard cider. No further explanation.

Libra – Hard Seltzer

You like to party, so would be some type of hard seltzer. A White Claw. Truly, maybe?

Scorpio – Scotch on the Rocks

Quite wise, with a little bit of an edge—you are scotch on the rocks.

Sagittarius – Sake

You like something a little bit less known, but still has a kick to it, so you’re sake.

Capricorn – Vodka Soda

You just need something to sip on throughout the night. Who can go wrong with a vodka soda?

Aquarius – Mead

Mead. It’s unique, a little underrated, but delicious nonetheless.

Pisces – Tequila Shots

Tequila shots. And yes, with the salt and lime.

By Madeleine Voth

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