The Signs as Alcohol

Aries – Margarita

You are classic, but still super fun, which is why you’re a margarita.

Taurus – Champagne

What can you say, you like the simple–but classy–things in life.

Gemini – Beer

You kind of suck. So you have to be beer.

Cancer – Red Wine

You’re classy. You embody a nice, oaky red wine.

Leo – Fireball

You’re fierce and can sometimes be intense. Fireball is your drink.

Virgo – Hard Cider

A nice, crisp, hard cider. No further explanation.

Libra – Hard Seltzer

You like to party, so would be some type of hard seltzer. A White Claw. Truly, maybe?

Scorpio – Scotch on the Rocks

Quite wise, with a little bit of an edge—you are scotch on the rocks.

Sagittarius – Sake

You like something a little bit less known, but still has a kick to it, so you’re sake.

Capricorn – Vodka Soda

You just need something to sip on throughout the night. Who can go wrong with a vodka soda?

Aquarius – Mead

Mead. It’s unique, a little underrated, but delicious nonetheless.

Pisces – Tequila Shots

Tequila shots. And yes, with the salt and lime.

By Madeleine Voth

About the Author

Editor at The Reed College Quest | Recent Stories

As a second semester editor, Madeleine is feeling good about this semester, mainly because she no longer has a 9am on Thursday mornings, and instead will be able to make it to class (hopefully) a little bit less sleep deprived. She is looking forward to another semester of singing along to Mamma Mia in the Quest room and taking copious amounts of smoke breaks, and is hoping for little to no scandals this semester (fingers crossed!)

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