Meet the Ceramics Club!

A new creative space is growing on campus for pottery enthusiasts, clay creation admirers, or people who just need something in their hands at all times. Ceramics club was started this semester by Miles Silvey and Emily Musgrove, who wanted to create a space where like-minded pottery enthusiasts can get together, hang out, and make art! Because this is a very new space on campus, the Quest decided to sit down with Musgrove to learn more about what the club will look like and how Reed students can get involved.

Last semester, Silvey and Musgrove took a ceramics art class where they developed an affinity for the art form and decided that they needed to create an easily accessible space where other Reedies could work with clay without adding another class to their course load. Musgrove described the club as a general space where students can work together and share feedback with one another. There have been previous attempts in the past of Reed students trying to create an accessible ceramics-making space, but because of the amount of equipment and large space needed, it had never taken off. So, this ceramics club is starting simple. Instead of a sink, they will be using a hose, and instead of a kiln, they will be working with underglaze. While there are no wheels available yet to use, students will still be able to work with clay through hand building and sculpture. Musgrove emphasized that, while they do not know exactly what the club will look like, they are welcoming of people of all experience levels regarding ceramics, stating that it is a great creative outlet, as well as a stress reliever. While they do not currently have a lot of help from the art department, the ceramics club needs volunteers willing to help build basic necessities for the space, such as tables. So, help create a new creative Reed tradition and look out for more information on the ceramics club in student body info and around campus!

By Sophia Lenczowski

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