Dog of the Week is Seeing Double

Photo by Liz Organ

Wait, something looks a little familiar here

Names: Mavis & Dylan

Breed: Schnauzapoo & Cockapoo

Age: 2 & 3 Years

Rating: 14/10 & 14/10
For those of you who have read the Quest in the Before Times (c.2019/2020) you might recognize one of these pups! On February 14, 2020 we featured Dylan here when she was only six months old! Now, almost exactly three years later, Dylan is a much more mature pup and has a baby sister! Mavis is much more energetic than Dylan is and loves to bark at everything! If you’re not petting her, if she sees another dog or person, or if she wants food, she starts yapping! But she’s still very sweet regardless. Both Dylan and Mavis love pets, and sometimes if Dylan is getting pets, Mavis will push her out of the way. Luckily, people often have two hands and can pet both dogs at once! Dylan has considerably calmed down since the last time she was interviewed. During the previous interview she apparently barked at two different people and ran around the whole time. Nowadays, Mavis is the barker and Dylan is happy just to be pet. They also have fun names! Dylan is named after musician Bob Dylan and Mavis after the musician Mavis Staples. 14/10 for both. Check out for Dylan’s previous Quest article!

By Liz Organ

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