Dog of the Week is getting physical (physical)

Photo by Liz Organ

No ball, just throw

Name: Ginger

Breed: ½ Irish Setter, ½ Golden Retriever

Age: 4 ½ years

Rating: 14/10

If you’ve ever been to the Sports Center, maybe you’ve seen this golden angel in the backpack co-op/Climbing wall room! Ginger, also known as Ginny, is an absolute sweetheart of a pup. She loves to be pet by everyone, and if you pass by, she will watch you in the hope of attracting attention.

Ginny also loves playing with her ball, although it can be hard on the hardwood floors of the co-op. She slips and slides but she just loves playing catch too much! If you have the ball and she wants it, she might let out a little “woof” at you, just to remind you that it’s time for throwing.

When she’s not in the Sports Center, Ginny also loves to go hiking, skiing and canoeing. Canoeing is her favorite, she loves to wade in the water for hours! That probably has something to do with both of her breeds being duck hunting dogs. If you do go and visit Ginny, she will probably try to lick you. And if you let her, she won’t stop until you stop her (or until she gets distracted by her ball)! Don’t worry though, she’s not trying to get to your bones, she’s just trying to pet you back! Honestly 14/10, would throw the ball for her for as long as she wanted.

By Liz Organ

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