Senate Beat: The Time of Many Emails

The first Senate Public of the semester began on Monday with surprisingly good attendance – likely due to the newly established Monday afternoon meeting time (which everyone rejoiced, of course). 

For the next commencement speaker, President Safi Zenger (‘24) reported that she and Vice President Sean Brown (‘24) had attended an earlier meeting where they worked on defining the qualities of a good speaker. “We’re going to lean towards choosing a speaker that is in the arts,” Zenger said, “someone who either was an art major while at Reed or in the arts now.”

President Zenger also reported that she finally received an email from the Academic Success Committee, though unfortunately cannot attend the meeting as she has a class at the same time. Senator Kiana Cunningham-Rodriguez (‘23) later chimed in to say she can go. With regards to other committees, Zenger has emailed and scheduled meetings with Academic Support, the Registrar’s Office, Dean of Students Tawana Parks, Vice President for Student Life Karnell McConnell-Black, Vice President and Dean for Institutional Diversity Phyllis Esposito, and Reed President Audrey Bilger.

On his own committees, Brown reported that the first Finance Committee (FINCOM) meeting would take place on Tuesday. He also said that the Commencement meeting was a “slay meeting, very fun, really early.” For the Student Committee on Diversity (SCOD), he said they’re “still figuring it out” since there’s no out-of-Senate representation, and they’re determining how to get more representation. 

Brown is still on the appeals board, mentioning that “people are saying treasurers should not be on appeals because they are not elected.” As the process continues, however, he added that “in the interim, I cannot escape. I cannot get out.” 

Brown has set meetings with the Alumni, Accountability, and International Student Services (ISS) liaisons, and plans to reach out to Disability Accessibility Resources (DAR) soon. He, along with Senator Jefferson Ratliff (‘25), also met with Director for the Office of Student Engagement Janice Yang  to get a student spaces tour. At the time of the Public, the Student Committee on Academic Planning (SCAP) was simultaneously meeting — Brown planned to update them afterwards.

In addition to Brown and Ratliff, Senator Luiz Felipe Horta (‘25) also has a separate meeting with Janice Yang on Friday to discuss the Student Union (SU). They have previously discussed different uses of the SU, especially with reference to safety concerns and the space “back there in the bong loft.” Senator Horta reported that he and Janice had also “talked a little about safety concerns in the SU.”

Senator Jefferson Ratliff, chair of the Appointments Committee, reported that applications for bike coop manager and wage review are up now. “Go and apply, both great positions, lots of fun!”

Ratliff, along with Student Body Head Treasurer Wani Pandey (‘23), reached out to the Computer Committee (CUS) to set up meetings to discuss working on wifi and printing. Senator Ratliff also mentioned that CUS is working to rename themselves.

SHARE had their first meeting on Friday, working on their and Senate’s mutual goals. “We’re helping them review and work on potential legislation changes, and keeping communication open with them,” Ratliff said. 

Student Body Vice Treasurer Nina Gopaldas (‘24) announced that she had “done the impossible,” — she scheduled her first Appeals training. On the Student Publications side, Gopaldas reported, “We reached out to the Quest. They’ve invited us to editing night.” 

On club budgets for this semester, Head Treasurer Wani Pandey said, “Check out SP info for the link to come at 7:00. Please have a budget in earlier than 5pm,” they continued,  “just so we know who we’re expecting and have time to look over the budgets.”

Senator Meera Balan (‘26) announced that she has started working towards the promises in her campaign, addressing the lack of vegan and kosher options, and has scheduled a meeting with Bon Appétit to begin this process. 

SHARE had their first meeting on Friday, working on their and Senate’s mutual goals. “We’re helping them review and work on potential legislation changes, and keeping communication open with them,” Senator Ratliff said. “They’d like us to help submit a piece of legislation that would add a clause to the AOD policy around giving any food or drink that contains any substance to someone without their consent.” 

In final news, Marketplace hours have changed, so that it now closes at 11:00 instead of midnight. On being asked about the change, Safi responded, “That’s crazy, it was an old senate project. An old president from my freshman year’s whole project was to get marketplace hours to 12 and now they’re at 11.” Senator Dukes plans to email Director of Dining Services Michael Bucuvalas about this issue.

“We’re on it,” announced Safi.

By L Urena

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