Dog of the Week is just a lil teddy bear

Photo by Liz Organ

Just a baby!

Names: Pippin

Breed: Havanese

Age: 6 Months

Rating: 14/10
Named after both the son of Charlegmagne (and the musical about his life) and the Lord of the Rings character — two great explorers — Pippin loves to explore new things! He’s a big fan of everything he can sniff and he loves people. Everytime someone would pass by him, Pippin would stare at them until they either got out of eyesight or they came to pet him. He’s incredibly soft and I would absolutely recommend petting him if you get the chance, he’s just a ball of floof! At six months old, he’s also the youngest pup we’ve had on Dog of the Week this year! However, despite being less than 20 lbs, he’s about as big as he’s going to get, which means he’s going to be puppy-sized forever! Pippin has been going to puppy classes and knows how to sit, lie down, and stay, although like most pups, he can be a little mischievous if there is something distracting him like people or a very interesting blade of grass. Right now, he’s not a huge fan of bigger dogs which is understandable! Luckily he’s getting used to them and pretty soon he’ll be the friendliest dog on the block! Just make sure you pet him if you get the chance, especially if you want to know what a live teddy bear feels like!

By Liz Organ

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