Community Safety Blotter 1/23

Monday, January 23 – Sunday, January 29

Monday, January 23

0130; Cannabis Use or Possession; Naito Hall

“CSOs encountered the odor of cannabis while on patrol near Naito hall. The CSOs observed two students leaning out of an open window in Naito hall and passing back and forth what looked to be a cannabis joint. The CSOs alerted the students to their presence and then went to the residence to speak directly with the students. The students confirmed that they were smoking cannabis and stated that they were aware that cannabis use on Reed property is against Reed policy and were apologetic. The CSOs then continued on their patrol.”

Hey, at least you opened the window. Please keep opening the window. We, and the smoke saturated carpets, thank you.

0656; Suspicious Person/Activity/Circumstances/Exclusion; Medical Office North

“A CSO on patrol of the Medical Offices encountered an individual camping outside one of the entrances to the building. The individual declined to respond or move elsewhere to sleep after multiple requests from the CSO. The CSO then requested Portland Police assistance. A second CSO arrived, and approximately 30 minutes later, the individual got up. The first CSO then recognized the individual as someone who had been escorted off campus in prior interactions. The CSO formally excluded the individual and escorted them off of Reed property.”

Sleeping must be everyone’s new year’s resolution.

 0835; Theft of Motor Vehicle/Clery Act Reportable Incident; Grove Lot

“A student reported that their vehicle had been stolen from where it was parked in the Grove lot. The student was already in contact with Portland Police to report the theft.”

That’s horrible! We hope you get your car back soon!

1049; Theft – Other; Trillium

“A CSO responded to a report of theft from Trillium residence hall. The CSO met with a student who stated that their box drum had been stolen while it had been left in the print room over winter break. The CSO advised the student to file a police report, but to also entertain the assumption that it may have been taken by another student who didn’t realize it was a specific person’s personal property and to put up some flyers requesting the return of their drum.”

Impressive honestly, of all the thefts you could commit, stealthily moving a giant box drum seems like the most work for the least reward. But also, give it back, taking other peoples’ drums isn’t nice 🙁

Tuesday, January 24

0255; Damage to Property; Grove Lot

“CSOs on vehicle patrol in the Grove Lot encountered a black BMW sedan parked and running near the gravel road on the north side of the lot. The sedan drove out of the parking lot quickly after being passed by the CS vehicle. The CSOs then inspected the immediate area and found that a vehicle parked in the lot had been the subject of an attempted break-in. On the ground they found a drill bit that had been used to drill out the keyhole in the driver side lock, along with a piece of the lock that had been removed. The vehicle is registered with Community Safety so the owner was able to be contacted regarding the damage.”

Oh no! We hope your car can be fixed and good as new soon.

Thursday, January 26

0024; Suspicious Person/Activity/Circumstances; Student Union

“CSOs conducting a lock up of the Student Union encountered an unknown individual sleeping on a sofa inside the building. When the CSOs asked if the person was a current student, they replied that they were an alum. When the CSOs requested the person verify their identity, the individual said that they would just leave. The CSOs advised the individual that unless they had a community member escort or proof that they were an alum, they would be unable to continue sleeping on campus and would have to leave. The individual exited the building and the CSOs followed them to ensure they left campus.”

Sometimes you just gotta sleep where you are.

0516; Suspicious Person/Activity/Circumstances; West Lot

“A CSO on patrol in the West lot encountered a vehicle parked near the dumpsters with its trunk open. This vehicle appeared to be the same vehicle that, two days prior, had been parked with its trunk open near the dumpsters in the Grove lot. In the first encounter, when asked what their business was at Reed, the driver and a second vehicle occupant gave conflicting answers and left quickly after. The CSO was unable to make contact with the vehicle driver or occupant in the second encounter. In both instances, when CSOs inspected the immediate area nothing suspicious was observed.”

C’mon guys, if you’re going to steal, at least get your story straight.

 Friday, January 27

0251; Evidence of Drug Use; GCC/Pool Hall

“CSOs encountered the odor of cannabis while patrolling the lower level of the GCC. After a short search of the vicinity, the CSOs determined that the source of the odor was the remaining portion of a burnt cannabis joint located in an ashtray in the Pool Hall manager’s office.”

1140; Suspicious Person/Activity/Circumstances; GCC/Bookstore

“CSOs responded to a report of possible theft from the bookstore. After speaking with a bookstore employee, the CSOs searched the area in an attempt to locate the individual described by the bookstore employee. The CSOs located the individual inside the Student Union. It became apparent that the individual was experiencing a mental health crisis but was cooperative when asked to leave campus. The CSOs did not issue a formal exclusion as they did not believe it would have been comprehended meaningfully by the individual.”

2127; Cannabis Use or Possession; Sports Field

“A CSO encountered the odor of cannabis while enroute to Naito hall. The CSO observed an individual smoking something while sitting on the Sports Field bleachers. The CSO approached the individual, who confirmed they were a Reed student. Initially the student stated that they were not smoking cannabis, however the CSO observed that the student was still holding the remainder of a smoking cannabis joint. The student apologized and said they would stop smoking it on campus.”

At least you tried to lie? Better luck next time.

 Saturday, January 28

0352; Damage to Property; Grove Lot

“A CSO on vehicle patrol in the Grove lot encountered an all black Hyundai Elantra with a “Tonkin” plate and no temporary tags parked but running in the middle of the driveway of the lot. When the CSO attempted to make contact with the vehicle driver, an unknown individual entered the vehicle and drove out of the lot. Still in the CS Vehicle, the CSO followed the vehicle out of the lot. The CSO then turned left onto 28th Avenue. The CSO then observed that the vehicle that had left the lot executed a U-turn in the road, turned their headlights off, then accelerated quickly coming up behind the CS vehicle. The CSO prepared to turn left into the 28 West parking lot. As they did so, the other vehicle continued to accelerate and, according to the observations of another CSO, came extremely close to hitting the CS vehicle. The CSO then returned to the parking lot to investigate the area at which the vehicle had originally been parked. There, the CSO observed that the same vehicle that had been damaged in a prior attempted break-in, report #230032, again showed evidence that an attempt had been made to drill the lock out of the driver side door.”

That is horrible! Pls stop trying to steal peoples’ cars, especially if you suck at it.

Sunday, January 29

0135; Medical Assist – Alcohol; Residence Hall

“CSOs responded to a request for medical assistance in a residence hall. They met with the reporting party who expressed concern for their friend who had consumed multiple alcoholic drinks and had become sick. The CSOs made contact with the intoxicated student, who confirmed that they had felt sick but that they did not require any medical intervention. The CSOs remained on scene for a little while to evaluate the student for any signs of alcohol or other drug overdose. After confirming that the student was feeling better and had friends that they would be staying with, the CSOs cleared from the call.”

Glad you were feeling okay! Don’t party too hard guys.

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