Dog of the Week is Learning How to Speak!

Goes awoof!

Names: Indie

Breed: Australian Shepherd 

Age: 4 Years

Rating: 14/10

Australian Shepherds are known as very active dogs, and so when I met Indie I wasn’t surprised that she was pulling at her leash the whole time. Occasionally she would make little “awoof” noises, as if she was letting us know that she was not happy with having to stay in one spot while her owner and I talked. One really cool thing about Indie is that she has multicolored eyes! One of them is a light blue and the other is mostly brown with a little bit of blue in them! She also has a little secret, her full name isn’t actually Indie, it’s Indica! Although I think Indie works a little better. She is not a very calm dog. In fact, she is more like the Indie 500! 

She’s also really smart! She knows how to high five! Sometimes she also tries to herd people by jumping up and pushing at their hips since Australian Shepherds are known for their herding prowess. If you want to pet Indie, you’ll easily find her around campus! Sometimes she hangs around commons if it’s not too wet. Just make sure you ask first and I’m sure she’ll love the attention!

By Liz Organ.

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