Community Safety Blotter 12/9

Community Safety Blotter

Monday, November 14 – Sunday, November 26

Monday, November 14

1210; Theft – Other; McKinley

“A CSO responded to McKinley residence hall to take a theft report. The CSO met with a student who reported that they had left their backpack, containing their laptop and some books, in the upper common room overnight and when they returned to retrieve it, it was gone. The student stated that they had asked other dorm residents if they had seen it and none had.”

Hope you find your stuff!

Tuesday, November 15

0832; Trespass; GCC Commons

“A CSO responded to a report of an individual stealing food from Commons. When the CSO arrived, they encountered a known excluded individual eating the food. The CSO escorted the individual off of campus without incident.”

Wednesday, November 16

0753; Trespass; GCC Commons

“A CSO responded to a report of an individual stealing food from Commons. When the CSO arrived, they encountered the same excluded individual from the morning prior. The CSO told the individual that they needed to leave. The individual proceeded to the Student Union to collect their belongings. The CSO observed as the individual put their items into a bag to leave and then escorted the individual off campus.”

The Quest temporarily suspends its blotter coverage for a quick public service announcement for the individuals involved in this report: please stop asking random people where our office is! Thanks <3

1422; Evidence of Drug Use/Room Search/Other Drug Use or Possession; Residence Hall

“Based on information received, the director of Community Safety, along with a Community Safety manager and a Residence Life representative, performed a room search in a residence hall. Multiple types of illicit drugs and a distributable amount of cannabis were recovered.”

Its times like these that really inhibit Reed’s savvy, young, entrepreneurs.

1524; Cannabis use or Possession; Canyon

“While walking along a canyon path, the director of Community Safety encountered the odor of cannabis. When he looked in the direction from which the odor was emanating, he saw two individuals sitting at a nearby picnic table. When the director approached, he observed one of the two individuals holding a pipe that appeared to contain cannabis. The individual confirmed that the pipe did contain cannabis, and proceeded to empty the contents of the pipe. Both individuals at the table identified themselves as students. Both students agreed that only the one holding the pipe had consumed any cannabis. The director wished them a good rest of their day and continued on to his destination.”

 Good on that student for not ratting out their friend.

1605; Damage to Property/Theft from Vehicle; Grove Lot

“A CSO on patrol in the Grove Lot encountered a vehicle that had its passenger window shattered. Upon closer inspection, the CSO observed that the glove compartment had been left open and appeared to have been searched through. The vehicle is registered with Community Safety so the vehicle owner was contacted regarding the damage and possible theft.”

Oh no! Hope nothing was taken.

Thursday, November 17

1524; Graffiti; Griffin

“A CSO on patrol encountered new graffiti on the west exterior side of Griffin residence hall. Building services was contacted for graffiti removal.”

Friday, November 18

0256; Disorderly Conduct; Naito

“A CSO responded to a report of glass being broken outside of Naito residence hall. Upon arrival, the CSO observed broken glass along the pathway south of Naito Hall. While inspecting the damage, the CSO observed two individuals exiting Sullivan hall holding glass bottles. Upon seeing the CSO, the two individuals immediately turned around to re-enter the building. The CSO entered the building behind the individuals and saw a total of five individuals in the hallway attempting to hide glass bottles. Upon speaking with the individuals, all confirmed to be students, the actions were initially denied. However, one of the students then stated that they were attempting to “blow off steam” after a rough day. The students apologized for the mess and potential danger they had put their fellow students in and cleaned up the glass to the best of their abilities.”

Freshies, hot tip: next time try a Rage Room

1355; Exclusion; Amphitheater

“A CSO on patrol near the amphitheater encountered an individual with a dog that was unleashed. The CSO requested the individual leash their dog, at which time the individual, without acknowledging the CSO, got up and began walking north, away from them. The CSO reiterated that they were a Community Safety officer and that the individual was on private property. The individual turned around and told the CSO to stop following them. The CSO explained that the individual would be excluded from campus if they did not leash their dog. The individual again told the CSO to stop following them and that if they did not, the individual would tase them. At this time the CSO stated that the individual was excluded from Reed property and that if the individual tased the CSO, the CSO would file charges against them. The CSO explained the reason for the leash policy and also provided information regarding the off-leash dog areas. The individual continued walking north. Per the Community Safety directive regarding excluding individuals, the CSO took a picture of the individual and stated so, and also stated that the photo would be shared with the other CSOs and that should the individual be seen again on campus Portland Police would be contacted. The individual told the CSO to call the police right then, so the CSO requested that the Dispatcher contact Portland Police. The individual continued walking northward, with the CSO following. The individual then stated that they did not want to see the CSO again. When the CSO asked if the individual was threatening the safety of the CSO, the individual confirmed it. The individual continued walking northward until they were off of Reed property. The CSO requested Dispatch cancel the Portland Police response and then continued on their patrols.”

To be tased or not to be tased, that is the question…

2054; Graffiti; Old Dorm Block

A CSO on patrol encountered new graffiti written on an exterior wall inside the ODB Sallyport. Building services has been contacted for graffiti removal.

2239; Theft – Bike; West Lot

“A CSO responded to a report of a bike theft from the West Lot. The CSO met with the bike owner, a relative of a community member, who reported that their bike was stolen from off of their truck while it was parked in the West Lot. The individual stated that their vehicle’s security system had captured the theft on video and they would forward that to Community Safety. The CSO suggested the individual file a report with the Portland Police also. The bike is a Cannondale Topstone bike.”

Hope you find your bike!

Monday, November 21

1320; Information Only; Eliot Hall

“A CSO responded to a report of suspicious circumstances in Eliot Hall. The CSO met with a Reed staff member who reported that they had locked their office before leaving for the weekend and upon their return they found the office to be unlocked and items moved around. There was no evidence of forced entry. The CSO confirmed that to their knowledge no one aside from the office occupant and Community Safety has a copy of the room key.”

Who tried to break in and steal test answers…?

Tuesday, November 22

0611; Suspicious Person/Activity/Circumstances; Reed College Apartments

“A CSO responded to a report of an unauthorized entry of an unknown individual into a Reed College apartment. The CSO met with a Reed student who reported that they had awakened to find another individual asleep in their bed next to them. They stated that after a bit the individual got up and left without incident. A Timely Warning was issued to the community regarding this incident.”

WHAT!?!?!? This is terrifying and I am so sorry for whoever had to go through this. 

Wednesday, November 23

0628; Noise Complaint; Reed College Apartments

“A CSO responded to a noise complaint at the Reed College apartments. The CSO met with both the complainant and the other resident creating the noise. The other resident apologized for any excessive noise and the CSO continued on their regular patrol duties.”

Ya gotta party the night before Thanksgiving, its only right

 0105; Suspicious Person/Activity/Circumstances; Griffin

“A CSO responded to a report of the odor of gasoline near Griffin residence hall. Upon investigating the area, the CSO observed a vehicle in the north lot with containers beneath a vehicle catching gas dripping from what was apparently a leak in the fuel system.” 

Guys..just go to the mechanic

1454; Evidence of Drug Use; Chinese House

“A CSO responded to a report of the odor of cannabis on the first floor of the Chinese house. The CSO was unable to locate the source of the odor but while investigating did encounter an open furnace vent. A work order was put in to repair the furnace vent door.”

Not getting caught for doing drugs annddd getting your furnace fixed? Thats a double win in my book.

Saturday, November 26

1951; Information Only; Prexy

“A CSO on patrol encountered a Portland Police officer standing outside of Prexy. Upon conversing with the officer, the CSO learned that the officer was meeting with a Reed student who wished to report fraud. The CSO remained on scene and took a report as well. The student reported that they had wired money to an unknown individual claiming to be an authority. At some point, the student realized that the individual claiming to be an authority was scamming them. They then reported this to the Portland Police. The CSO is connecting the student to available resources on campus for any aid that can be offered.”

Was it the prince of Nigeria?

2313; Medical Assist – Drugs; Residence Hall

“CSOs responded to a request for medical assistance at a residence hall. Upon arrival they met with four students, one of whom had consumed multiple types of drugs and required medical attention. After a brief assessment it was determined that the student required medical intervention and CSOs requested American Medical Response (AMR) be contacted. The student was transported to a nearby medical facility for further care.” 

Hope everyone is doing okay!

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