Senate and Quest Editor Candidate Platforms – Fall 2022

Lennox Reeder (Senate Full Term):

Howdy! I’m Lennox, and I’m running for reelection to senate. I’ve served on Appointments Committee among others and look forward to continuing my tenure in this role, helping hire and employ Reedies. One major project of mine, expanding Wi-Fi to more places on campus and improving wifi connectivity in deadzones indoors, is coming to fruition and we will soon all be able to enjoy the benefits. I’ll be brief, I think that with inflation and cost of living increases, the Reed minimum wage needs to increase by 50 cents, I also think that it’s about time student workers began discussing unionising, and I’d like to lend my efforts to that task. I would also like to help protect discriminated groups on campus by focusing on the MRC as a space for POC, and working with IT to develop a “deadname” protocol, whereby students could choose what documents/addresses/emails received which of their pronouns/preferred names, and hopefully thereby make things safer for queer students who may not be out at home. I hope you have a great day!

Lindsay “LEW” Worrell (Senate Full Term):

I would prefer to give an expansive explanation of my platform, but due to word limits, here’s a brief summary: I want to make Reed a safer campus (particularly when it comes to SA) and work on fostering a community for those at Reed who are sub-free. If elected, I would contribute to the Reed community by focusing on these exact issues. I believe that a lot of Reedies don’t feel safe on this campus / in this community, and with the amount of SA cases that have happened this year, this feeling is totally rational. I want to create a safer campus by not only addressing the cause of these events, but the responses to them in the community. There is a lot Reed can do to improve on the topic of SA, and I believe that the best place to start is by having conversations. As a senator, I would like to initiate these discussions and work closer with groups such as SHARE to make a concrete effort to reduce SA at Reed.

I also would like to use my position as a senator to address a problem that I have experienced personally: the isolation of sub-free students. After reading MCs and talking to other sub-free students, I noticed that a feeling of social isolation for sub-free students is a trend rather than a case just limited to me. I want to foster community for those who are sub-free by promoting more sub-free events and creating discussion about the influence of drug culture on Reed.


If these issues are important to you, then show your support and vote for me in this SB election. We all deserve to feel safe and cared for at Reed, and if elected, I will try my best to make this goal a reality. 


Declan Bradley (Queditor):

Who: am I?

My name is Declan Bradley, I’m a first-year currently majoring in CS, and I’ve been writing Senate Beat this semester (along with musings on sci-fi, the local squirrels, and the fate of Elon Musk).


What: will I do as a Quest editor?

Launch iOS and Android Quest apps

Get the Quest involved in organizations like the Associated Collegiate Press and build a national profile

Invest in social media, multimedia, and digital journalism

Build the Quest’s work in data journalism and publish more interactive stories (like the live COVID dashboard I added to the Quest site earlier this year)

Make it easier for non-regular contributors to be a part of the Quest

And more!


Why: should you vote for me?

Well, I’m a comp-sci student — ie, I spend a shocking amount of time on my laptop. If you email me (or Slack me, or text me, or Discord me, or anything else really) I will always respond. I’ll probably do it immediately, and, on the off chance I can’t, I guarantee that you’ll never have to wait more than 24 hours to hear back from me.

(My friend told me I had to put this in here, so this one’s for you L): Remember the Senate Beat about the squirrel? That was me! L tells me it was really funny! And that I should make it a campaign promise! So I promise, if elected, I will write more funny stories about squirrels.

I care about the job. I spent four years at my high school paper, editing for two, and I’ve put in more than a few late nights in the press office. I can’t promise my work will always be perfect, but I can promise I’ll put in the time to make the best Quest we can.


Luiz Felipe Horta (Senator Half Term):

Hey everyone! My name is Luiz, I’m a sophomore philosophy major at Reed from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and I’m running for Senate. Here’s some of what I plan on working on as Senator:

– I want to take a closer, more detailed look into the data Reed already tracks of student retention rates at Reed. This is a notorious problem at Reed and while some data is publicly available, the presentation is unhelpful and lots of variables are missing. This is of key importance to the student body and identifying what is making so many of our students leave can and should inform the way Senate allocates funds and interacts with administration.

– We already have ResLife liaisons, but recently it’s been harder to communicate with ResLife as important positions still haven’t been filled. With the chaos of last year, talking to them to ascertain what the future will look like for upperclassmen on-campus housing, how priority housing is being handled, and so on is essential. 

– Create a Senate liaison to student body identity groups. I’ve been one of the chairs for the Latinx Student Union for about a year now and know that Senate, according to its procedures, only meets with the leaders of those groups during Funding Hell. I think it’d be useful for the student body to have an open line of communication further along the semester. 

– International Students now have CPT, but unfortunately many places with internships in Portland are unwilling to hire CPT candidates due to the paperwork and costs involved. Sadly I can’t make any concrete proposals on how to solve this but talking to admin and seeing if a fund could be set up to cover said costs would be a top priority.

Thank you very much for reading!

Henry Kendrick (Queditor):

Hello all!

My name is Henry! I am a Junior English major & (ideally) film minor, and I’m asking for your support for me to be an editor for The Reed College Quest!  

I’ve been consistently writing for the Quest for three semesters now, and have a comprehensive understanding of the Quest publication process, as well as strong pre-established friendships with current editors and frequent writers alike. If you elect me, I will have no trouble at all jumping right into the publication process, working with my editorial colleagues, creating and continuing rapports with Reed students and staff, and helping new writers find their journalistic footing. 

Because the Quest is the only school-funded journalism program on campus, I see it as the best opportunity to allow students the ability to stretch their writing skills beyond our typical academic papers and personal fiction. As an editor, I will make certain that the Quest not only provides valuable information to the Reed community, but that our assignments provide valuable writing experiences for our amazing contributors. Getting the Quest recognition beyond our humble Liberal Arts College will also be a goal of mine, as well as assisting writers in obtaining journalistic opportunities beyond the Quest.  

Because editors are elected, it would be my duty to not just serve the Reed community, but represent you as well. I will be an editor that makes certain that any conceivable campus community member, a student, a professor, an administration representative, or campus employee, is assured that their perspective, opinion, or message on any given subject we report is fairly and accurately presented. The Quest sometimes deals with complex and contentious campus issues, and ensuring that no relevant party goes without their voice being heard will be my number one job as your next editor. 

My sincere thanks for your taking time to read and vote. You may contact me with any questions about my platform at

Thanks again,

Henry Kendrick

Jefferson Ratliff (Senate Full Term):

Hi, my name is Jefferson Ratliff (he/they), and I am excited to be running for re-election to the Student Body Senate. I am proud of my work to help students and the organizations they run have the funding, staffing, and support required for them to operate this past year successfully. As chair of the Appointments Committee, I helped connect students with job opportunities. I assisted our student organizations in finding great student workers so they could continue the significant work they do for our students and our culture here at Reed. I am also proud of my work in bridging the divide between Treasury and AppComm, as well as ensuring that workers got put on payroll faster so they could receive their hard-earned wages.

But I still have work to do. We must continue our progress completed this past year to regain control over student spaces and make sure that spaces on campus are well-managed and dynamic. Students need great places to study, de-stress and enjoy our campus. BIPOC students also need spaces of their own, and we should ensure that the MRC remains a space for students of color, allowing them to feel safe and build community. I am also running to help out student workers and those who aim to become one. We need to fight to raise wages and create more jobs on campus. These changes will allow students to gain better results from their labor and boost the strength of our community. I plan to bring my past year of experience in the Senate to a new group of senators and help lead the work we do for this next year. Please support me in seeking another term on Senate. 

Meera Balan (Senate Full Term):


I’m Meera Balan (she/her), a freshman majoring in English and psychology. I’m a third-culture kid who has spent my life split between India and the States. This experience had me bond with people from different parts of the world while developing an understanding of community needs. Therefore, I aim to make the senate an area where issues are no longer glossed over, but are given due diligence and empathy.

1. Walking around campus after sunset is eerie and unsafe due to the lack of adequate lighting. I will work to ensure that better lighting is installed to make walking feel safer. 

Most disability accommodations policies seem textbook and don’t account for individuals’ specific needs, especially days taken off. I want to work intimately with DAR to provide sensitisation sessions to faculty, so they are better equipped to accommodate students who require additional absences. 

2. The way identity groups are treated by the administration promotes competition for funding with interest-based groups. Asa PoC at a PWI, I understand and know the importance of safe places for people of color on campus, and will work to separate these two categories and give each their due diligence.

3.Promote the availability of food on campus that caters to meat-less diets – seeing friends go hungry due to lack of availability drives me to work closely with Bon Appetite to increase vegan options available to ensure everyone gets a meal and is encouraged to follow sustainable diets. 

I love Reed and am happy that it was my first choice. However, just like any institution, it’s not perfect. Change must take place to prioritize the college’s values not only in speech but in action too. If any of the aforementioned points resonate with you, please vote and feel free to reach out at



Thank you.

Safi Zenger (Pres):

There was a long list of reasons that led me to run in the first place, and there’s an even longer list behind the decision to run again, but most importantly, I’m deeply committed to this campus, its students, and its problems. I’m confident that I could do a lot of good, and fundamentally, I’m really passionate about caring for this school! I have established relationships with admin, I have a lot of institutional memory and knowledge, and I’ve invested a lot of time into this job. In my work so far, I’ve made many efforts to support students of color, specifically through work with academic success. This includes (but is not limited to) starting a Hum 110 Committee to address Hum 110 specific issues (of which there are many), building the Hum 110 classroom consultant program, and helping pave ways for students to share professor feedback with one another to build awareness of professors that are microaggressive, transphobic, ableist, etc. One of my largest reasons for re-running is the lack of clarity surrounding Paul Currie. Much like a lot of you, I have questions and have failed to receive substantial answers. After involvement in the protests, I don’t want to leave this job until his tenure has been adequately addressed. Bottom line: I’m continuing to push for administrative accountability, senate transparency, and institutional support for BIPOC students. I care about this job, I care about this school, I care about all of you, and I’d like to keep doing what I can to make this place a little easier to attend, especially for my fellow students of color. If you have questions about what I do, who I am, and what I want to achieve, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Sean Brown (VP):

Hi people reading this! I’m Sean (he/him), a junior Biology major, running for the Student Body Vice President position in Senate! It is my hope to bring my Treasury background into the VP position and serve as a connecting role between Treasury and Senate! My time on Treasury has granted me the opportunity to see and be a part of a lot of the amazing work parallel to the VP position and it is for this reason that I think that I would be a great fit for the position! The largest project that I hope to focus on is the Students Opportunity Subsidy Fund. Working with treasury, I hope to reexamine and rehabilitate the S.O.S. fund to help students, the fund originally got shut down due to silly goofy reasons(tax fraud). I hope to redirect this pool of money, originally for the S.O.S. fund to increase wages for our student workers. As many students are aware, student body positions, like the pool hall manager, Renn Fayre czars, and bike co-op manager, despite being important jobs that are integral to the culture of campus, are underpaid for the value they bring to the student body. The end goal is to be able to work with both wage review and Treasury to increase wages across the board!

Xixi Dukes (Senator Full Term):

Hi! My name is XiXi Dukes (she/they)

First year, Physics-Anthro Major, Taurus

I am running for student body senate! I’d like to make the senate more transparent and outspoken on important issues. Our administration leaves much to be desired on issues like handling student’s mental health, sexual harrassment/assault on campus and and taking away student autonomy so unfortunately the senate must pick up the slack. I’d like to see more effective communication between the student body and the administration and I feel the senate should be the crux of that.

As a BIPOC student, I find myself dealing with microaggressions, limited accommodating environments, and performative activism, especially coming from the administration. (Keep Senate brown!) A lot of students I find are uncomfortable talking to administrators as a couple of past and present actions genuinely make students uncomfortable, and thus the relationship between the student body and admin is extremely rigid. Faculty and administration should keep and open ear for these criticisms and the senate should be the one to deliver them in a tactful way.

I think we should also pay more attention and funding towards programs like SHARE, the Night Owls, and other student supports (Pantry and Swap Shoppe). Speaking on student autonomy, students should have their own spaces, like Paradox Cafe, and be able to more easily obtain funding to create more like them.

Finally, if I’ve heard one, I’ve heard a thousand complaints on the lack of institutional memory, so I would love senate backing to track down and catalog the student body history of Reed. Something to function as a guide for new students to tell them the unspoken secrets that word of mouth doesn’t do justice for.

Thanks! Hope to see you vote!

Anie Kotha (Queditor):

Hi everyone! My name is Anie. I’m a sophomore this year and I’m re-running for Quest Editor. I think it’s fair game to say I have had experience in being on the Quest as well as being involved in it. I started first editing during my second semester of freshman and have continued to edit up until this reelection. I feel that as part of the Quest I have been able to be a part of many big stories and chapters of Reed. One example is the protests that occurred last year. I loved being a part of the Quest since when writing articles it feels permanent. A big thing about Reed is the institutional knowledge that has been forgotten over the covid years. I  believe the Quest is a way we can strongly preserve important landmarks. The past can’t be forgotten as soon as something new comes to light. As a woman of color, I hope that more people feel comfortable and safe to come to the Quest with news that the student body needs to know that could possibly harm or make our experiences at Reed a more accessible environment. If you vote for me I will continue to help the Reed community preserve the past.

Christian Ramos (Full Term Senator):

Hello everyone! My name is Christian Ramos and I am running for Senate on a three part platform.

Part 1: Improving Student Mental Health Services

Reed’s mental health resources are ineffective in responding to the ongoing mental health needs of Reed students. The HCC’s counseling services are only available on a short term basis which forces those needing long term counseling services to find another healthcare provider. As a senator I will work to lead the charge in improving existing mental health care initiatives, collaborate with others to create easier forms of access for existing services such as the HCC, and build a plan to shift to a long-term mental health care model for the HCC’s counseling services.


Part 2: Working to Create Real Diversity and Inclusion 

I believe that Reed should be a place where everybody should be able to thrive no matter who they are. Unfortunately, the lived experiences of BIPOC Reedies demonstrate there is much work left to be done and I will work tirelessly to combat the structural systems that lead to discrimination. As a senator, I will work to change the bias incident reporting process, collaborate with the OID to release bias incident data to the student body, support Senate initiatives that combat discrimination on campus, and reform the Faculty Committee on Diversity’s structure to ensure its independence from the administration. 


Part 3: Increasing Community Among the Student Body

For a long time the feeling of community among Reedies has been sorely lacking. As a senator I will work to streamline event planning in the OSE, integrate student club and event information onto the Senate’s soon to be completed website, and advocate for adequate student club funding.


Thank you for reading my platform and please vote for me for Senate!

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