DOG OF THE WEEK is doubling up!

Names: On the left with the ears down is Alastor and on the right with the ears up is Pebbles

Breed: Shi tzu and Yorkie/Pomeranian mix

Age: Unknown and 13

Rating: 14/10 and 14/10

Today’s Dog of the week is very special! We are bringing you not one but two whole dogs! Brother and sister in heart but not by blood, we have Alastor and Pebbles. Alastor was adopted as “Mad-Eye Moody,” due to his missing eye, but his owner, Julie Shannon, decided he was too distinguished for a name like that and renamed him Alastor. Although he’s probably older than Pebbles he was actually adopted after her! Pebbles originally did not like sharing her house and people, but soon grew to accept it. Now the two of them are best friends! They also like to sometimes dress up! In the picture, although it’s hard to see, the two of them have Christmas sweaters on! Alastor is more neutral about dressing up, but Pebbles loves to show off her new outfits and all the attention they get her. They have matching rainbow sweaters and matching jackets for when it’s cold out. If you ever want to visit them they would both love that! They are super friendly and love getting pets. If you’re lucky you might even see them in one of their outfits! They hang out with Julie in Vollum 112 so pop by if you have a moment!

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