Quest’s Quests 11/18

1. Become vegetarian

2. Go get KFC

3. Fry yourself a fly

4. Jive with me

5. Read a new book

6. Send out a tweet

7. Find a new look

8. Bleet like a sheep

9. Taste something bland

10. Taste something grand

11. Argue with your relatives

12. Relate relatively relationally

13. Rationalize your past

14. Scheme about your future

15. Wear something tight

16. Draw something dangly

17. Gangle the gangplank

18. Fanegle the band’s tank

19. Creep

20. Eat a grape

21. Shit on a crépe

22. Wait

23. Tape

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Mud is a seasoned Quest writer, an Environmental Studies student in their third year. Mud has kept up a weekly strange entertainment column for over thirty issues and has covered pressing sustainability and land-use stories for the past two years.

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