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Photo by Liz Organ

He’s all ears!

Name: Bruno

Breed: Golden Husky… Husky Retriever? 

Age: Will be 3 in May

Rating: 14/10

As a Golden Retriever and Husky mix, you may expect Bruno to shed a lot. And he does! Luckily, he sometimes wears a vest or jacket to keep his fur off the furniture and people. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work since Bruno is a VERY friendly dog. He loves to sit on laps and lean up against you while you pet him, which gets his fur all over you (especially if you forget you have an important interview and wear a black sweater that day). On the upside, he is very soft and very sweet! His owners named him after the dog from Cinderella. There is one other dog in the area also named Bruno (unknown who he was named after), and unfortunately, when they first met, the other Bruno drank from this Bruno’s water bowl! Stealing his water and his name was too much for Bruno, and now they are mortal enemies. I’m not sure if the other Bruno is aware of this, however. If Bruno (this Bruno) wants your attention he’ll throw his toy in the air. This often happens when his owners are watching TV. He’ll bring his toy over like he’s just going to sit and watch with his toy before starting to throw it in the air! He rarely howls like huskies, but occasionally he’ll sing a little if he’s feeling up to it! One of my favorite things about Bruno has to be his giant paws! Or maybe his giant ears… or maybe his cute freckles? Honestly this pup is so cute, I can’t decide!

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