Reedie Fall Fashion

It is no secret that Reedies take fashion very seriously. Looking around classrooms and walking around campus, much of the student body is dressed to impress, taking inspiration from many different people, places, and things. While it was hard to choose from the many fashionistas on campus, here is a small peek at the styles of our very own Reedies:

Lemon Mastel ‘25

Julie Prince ‘24

Fashion inspo: “My style shifts a lot, especially since I started transitioning, I try to go for woodland forest, spirit type of vibe. I like pastels, especially layering them.”

Margot Becker ‘24

Fashion inspo: “I am an avid Vogue reader, and I love fashion. Even though I realized that it’s not the right path for me, I always wanted to be a fashion designer. I am from New York, so my fashion is a bit different from other Reedies, but I love to see Reedie fashion.”

Victoria Hutchison ‘25

Fashion inspo: “Julia Fox. She’s crazy, but I love her outfits.”

Joscelyn Beebe ‘25

Jesse Neuman-Hammond ‘25 

Fashion inspo: “My older brother and grandpa. All of my clothes are hand me downs from friends or family, so my style just comes to me.”

Sonja Cowgill ‘25 

Fashion inspo: “I pick out what I like at the moment, I fuck with leather and lace, and love general punk style inspo”

Rose Felzien ‘24

Fashion inspo: “I tend to just find specific items I like at thrift stores or vintage shops and style around those statement pieces; however, I do love the styles of European fashion from the 18th century and vintage-inspired brands like Unlogical Poem.”

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