WHOREoscopes 11/3

The entire cast of Grey Anatomy (Grey’s Anatomy) – Aquarius 

Blanche Devereaux (Golden Girls) – Virgo

Sally Bowles (Cabaret) – Cancer

James Bonds (James Bond) – Scorpio

Zeus (Greek Mythology) – Libra

Mr. Slave (South Park) – Capricorn

Quagmire (Family Guy) – Sagittarius

Tony Stark (Marvel) – Gemini

Dean (Supernatural) – Taurus 

Captain Kirk (Star Trek) – Aries

Nadja of Antipaxos and Laszlo Cravensworth (What We Do in the Shadows) – Leo

The Whore of Babylon (Book of Revelation) – Pisces

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Editor at The Reed College Quest | Recent Stories

Continuing (barely) editor Cass Biles is starting her 2nd semester on Quest ready and rolling! Cass is excited this spring-time to publish exciting new stories, from Renn Fayre Popes, to the gym’s reconstruction, to the relentless hope that we will one day profile Luis Giraldo. Through the trudges of organic chemistry, over the hills of reading Hobbes, and finally skiing the mountains of 5am editors nights, Cass is tumbling along and ready to bring you new content!

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