What gives, Jessie?

Jessie J is missing her show! 

Jessie J, famous English singer and a normally punctual woman, has been absent from one of her biggest gigs of the year. 

What gives, Jessie? 

Andrew Lucksinger, famous Reed DJ, has graciously offered Miss Jessie a role on KRRC podcast “Jessie J-rock,” a radio show featuring some of the best music of all time. Underground, overground, and even in the ground, this show spans all of Lucksinger’s personal favs. 

Despite this offer to be a part of one of the greatest musical gatherings of all time, truly awesome in its power, Jessie J has been a no-show. Why? 

What Jessie, gives? 

Many potential reasons could explain this nonattendance, many reasons that, in my opinion, do not excuse these crimes. Lucksinger holds a more generous view though, stating in an interview that “By no fault of her own, working with Jessie has been difficult from the start. She’s an exotic lady, and things have to be perfect for her to shine.” Lucksinger details to me how from the very first show, technical difficulties and unorganized schedules created tension, ultimately preventing the singer from attending the show’s first airing. From there, poor communication and her busy schedule caused the next two shows to be tragically Jessie-less. Lucksinger laments to me that at their most recent show, the first one with actual promise of Jessie’s presence, Lucksinger unfortunately slept through their designated time slot, leaving Jessie out in the rain. Literally. 

Gives what, Jessie? 

On top of all that, Lucksinger’s invitation of Jessie J was built not on wants for profit or fame, but instead upon true admiration. They recall the significance of their favorite Jessie J song, ‘Price Tag’ as a foundational childhood memento. “‘Price Tag’ gives me very fond memories of elementary school PE” Lucksinger tells me, “we would run around in circles… I think that was a very good and simple time in my life. Jessie J really brings me back.” This childhood reminiscence is not an unrelatable one, with the lyrics of “It’s not about the money, money, money / We don’t need your money, money, money / We just wanna make the world dance / Forget about the price tag” resonating in a strangely poignant and human way. Through “Price Tag,” we are reminded of our inherent humanity, the loyalties we have to each other, and the responsibilities we have to our greater society. In a world dominated by capitalist theory, “Forget about the price tag” is a radically brave and idiosyncratic message. 

Through this, Lucksinger remains loyal to Jessie and the world she is trying to create, despite her flakiness. “I think everyone should slow down and listen to ‘Price Tag,’” Lucksinger states, “I think that would have a really profound impact on the way people handle themselves and the way our world is structured.” But, despite her talent, hopefully Jessie learns some humility and makes the time to actually show up. 

For now, check in on Andrew’s show, every Wednesday at 9am! (A much more fun experience than going to Senate Public)

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