Suicide Squad is the Worst Movie of All Time. And I Love it.

With a 26% score on Rotten Tomatoes, the 2016 film, Suicide Squad is infamously so bad that its sequel is embarrassed to be associated with it. Suicide Squad is without a doubt a perfect Friday night flick if you hate yourself or the people around you and have a little over two hours to kill. Set in Gotham, post Superman’s death (or something, this is the only DC film I’ve ever seen), the government realizes that if superheros turn against them they don’t have any defense. High ranking official Amanda Walker (Viola Davis) assembles a team of the worst of the worst Gotham’s prison has to offer. Her logic: they can make these villains do whatever the government wants because the public hates these villains so much that they don’t have to worry about ethics. 

Cue video game style cut scenes, complete with random neon edits and block text, introducing Gotham’s best sniper, Deadshot (Will Smith), the clown queen Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie), and some other people, but the film barely gives any screen time to anyone else to the point that it’s almost laughable. The only reason they have any other characters is basically to use them as vessels for the worst one-liners with the the most confident delivery. 

The final team member they introduce is the soon to be villain called the Witch (Cara Delevigne) who, in the classic white people fucking with shit way, the government thinks they can control. Of course they can’t. The Witch frees herself, then her brother, and goes to wreak havoc on some nearby city with a dumbass name in scanty, Party City looking outfits while having extreme sexual tension with each other. After that, the plot becomes so convoluted that, even though I’ve seen this film upwards of a dozen times, I’m still not really sure what happens, as the movie continues to randomly introduce characters and plot points throughout. And Jared Leto gives the worst performance of any Joker in DC history. 

Besides from the most convoluted plot in cinematic history, Suicide Squad has all the makings of a good film: solid soundtrack, dynamic star-studded cast, and plenty of highly choreographed fight scenes where a small group of conventionally attractive underdogs come out on top.

But it’s not a good film. Suicide Squad feels like a dozen men were locked in a room for two weeks and spent thirteen of those days deciding on the title and the last day coming with the plot and the entire script. However, I’d like to propose an alternate title: “The Government Creates a Problem Then Makes it Worse.” Essentially, this is the root of the film. The government fucks around and, damn, do they find out. 

However, with a plot twist greater than this film’s, I love this movie. And not just because of Margot Robbie’s iconic Harley Quinn. Maybe it’s because I’m just sympathetic towards the villains or perhaps the bright colors stimulate my monkey brain, because for some reason, I always have a good time watching this. And really, I think that enjoyment is what really merits a good film. Sure, this might be considered by most critics one of the worst movies of all time, but every time I watch it is just as fun as the first, so, in my eyes, that’s what really makes a good movie. If you want to watch this movie, I suggest consuming a large amount of an adult substance of your choice, gathering a group of people you love or hate, and preparing yourself to be mildly entertained but mostly confused for the next two hours and three minutes. Consider this the gauntlet to test your friendship. 

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